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  • From: Teresa Cochran <batsflying@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 11:13:22 -0700

Hi, Mark,

The monsters don't actually move, and they won't kill you. It's the bombs that 
will kill you if you don't defuse them. You get three shots for every monster 
sound. You'll hear a click when you run out of ammo. It's as if the monsters 
appear from the same direction until you shoot one. The game is always oriented 
with the home button on the left. The help button activates an audio tutorial. 
There's also a training button. You can either tap the headphone reminder 
screen to dismiss it, or you can flick right until you hit the various buttons. 
They don't show up for touch navigation while the headphone reminder screen is 

You only have a certain amount of time to score as many points as possible. I 
don't know how much time; I haven't timed it, but it seems to be about four 

On Jul 13, 2013, at 8:56 AM, Mark BurningHawk Baxter <markbaxter38@xxxxxxxxx> 

> Okay, so I went and got Ear  monsters. They really need game, but it reminds 
> me a lot of MouseKick. Just after playing it for five times, I have a high 
> score 61. Not impressive, but there you go. My question is, since the help 
> function doesn't seem to work, do you get a certain number of shots, and then 
> three per monster after you run out, or can you conserve your shots and have 
> more for later when they get closer to the center?
> What is it with this reverse landscape thing? Does every single audio game 
> decide what orientation is  going to work best? It seems a bit confusing.
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