[ioncube-loader-update] Recent ionCube Loader changes

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:51:16 -0000 (GMT)


This update is to let you know that there are recent updates to the
ionCube Loaders. The changes for the last few revisions are below, and if
not using the latest version, updating is recommended.

As always, Loaders are available from http://loaders.ioncube.com

Recent Revisions


Fix fault that could occur with FC6 x86_64

Improve error message when reporting access to undefined obfuscated

Fix for PHP 5.1.x to support casting objects to a boolean


Workaround for fault in Zend Optimiser that could cause a crash when
trying to generate a notice level message if trying to return a
non-variable item by reference from a function. This happened only
if using Zend Optimiser and encoded files with PHP 4.4 and above.


Fix issue where isset()/empty()/unset() did not work as expected when magic
methods were implemented on PHP 5.1+ code.


Fix issue where require/include of an absolute path followed by
require_once/include_once of the same file would include the file a second
time if safe_mode was off.


Fix to unset() for ArrayObjects on PHP 5.1+

Fix when searching for license files to check the root directory

Absolute license file paths can now also be used


Fix to support of magic method __toString()

Change to make wildcard domain name testing case insensitive on Unix


Fix 5.1 bug affecting next() with array references

Support for wildcard domain name restrictions?

Workaround for restrictions issue with fastcgi

Fix for errors on first line of function may report the wrong line number

Best regards
ionCube Support

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