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Hello everyone!

It has been so long since I sent anything to the 'E-list', I wonder if you
still remember me!  *grin*

=[ latest world news ]=

    Since most of you who are on this 'E-list' are from the USA, I'm sure
you know all too well the deviation and terror we experienced last week in
the country.  Please remember to keep in your prayers, all the people who
are affected (in small or large ways) by this tragic terrorist attack on the

If you are interested in helping out the victims and the rescue workers,
please donate to one of the many funds set up to help.  Below I listed two
funds that I know are legit and safe to donate to online.

Red Cross:         https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp
WTC Relief Fund:    http://www.nyswtcrelieffund.vista.com/

    Also, if anyone is interested in performing a special ceremony in their
Bethel, a Past Bethel Guardian in California has put together a "Remembrance
Ceremony of 9/11/01."  If you are interested in getting a copy of this
ceremony, please email Suzanne Hursh at archaangel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

=[ wisconsin job's daughters news ]=

    For all of you from Wisconsin, you know that another "Job's Daughters
Jamboree" has come and gone.  I wish to extend a big 'CONGRATULATIONS' to
all of the girls who assumed positions in the state level, especially
Jaceleen Latin-Casper (Miss Wisconsin Job's Daughter 2001-2002), Shannon
McClelland (Miss Wisconsin Congeniality 2001-2002), and Missy Staley (Grand
Bethel Honored Queen)!
    If you haven't seen the pictures from the weekend, be sure to check out
www.iojdwi.org to see those!  Also, if anyone has any pictures that they
took at Jamboree to be put on the webpage, please email tracy@xxxxxxxxxx

=[ upcoming events ]=

September 22, 2001
Bethel 5 - Lasagna Dinner from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
at Northshore Masonic Temple in Glendale, WI
the cost is $6.00

October 24, 2001
Bethel 19 - Spaghetti Dinner from 4:30-7:00 pm
at the West Allis Masonic Temple
7515 West National Ave.
West Allis, WI
Spaghetti Dinner, with bake sale for Pro & Ed.
Tickets will be available at the door.

Grand Bethel Exemplification Schedule for 2001-2002

WHEN:    Saturday, September 29, 2001
WHERE:    Loves Park, IL
TIME:    3:00pm
WHAT:    Tri-State Exemplification with Illinois and Michigan

WHEN:    Saturday, October 27, 2001
WHERE:    Bethel #1 in Superior, Wisconsin
TIME:    1:00pm
WHAT:    Regular Bethel Meeting with Initiation Ceremony

WHEN:    Sunday, February 24, 2002
WHERE:    Green Lake, Wisconsin
TIME:    9:00am
WHAT:    Open Bethel Meeting with Robe Ceremony

WHEN:    Sunday, April 14, 2002
WHERE:    Bethel #60 in Port Washington, Wisconsin
TIME:    1:00pm
WHAT:    Majority Meeting with Initiation Ceremony
        and Reception for Missy Staley, GBHQ

That's all for now!
have a GREAT day everyone!!


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