[intertech] Citrix Round Table Presentations

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 16:59:48 -0000


The link below will give you access to a folder containing a number of 
presentations, registry files and test apps for password manager from the 
Citrix Technical Round Table session last Friday.  
We raised a few points to Citrix with regards to
*       Getting a generic account to log calls throught the web, 
*       The inappropriate questions first line support are asking
*       Information on the top ten issues logged with Citrix (basically about 
them documenting and distributing them to resellers).
"Groupshare\Company Technical\Citrix Technical Round Table"
Information in Folder
*       MetaFrame Password Manager - Partner TRT 20041210.ppt 
*       Partner Support - Partner TRT 20041210.ppt 
*       Scaling Capabilities & Network Design - Partner TRT 20041210.ppt 
*       Tech Support Overview - Partner TRT 20041210.ppt 
*       Password Manager test applications and tools

If you want to copy the zip file and extract the presentations the password is 

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