[interact_list] war of humanity [for abid] against european past

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Abid -you told me about your country a lot. Abid. Pakistani-British, dual 
nationality, but English didn't allow him to be British here - and also they 
didn't like a Pakistani. They also didn't want him to be a human. 

How I was alone - he cried. How I was alone, three years here. I only suffered 
for nothing. 

To where, your anger should go? Abid.
You learn what - from your pain - and where we can reach?
What we should be going to be.

'Islam fundamentalism is there - it's getting more and more of support from 

Not only from poors, rich people support them - globally - and it's not only 
money - many educated people are preparing to die for their cause. West is too 
late, too slow to recognize people's pain - I feel something terrible is going 
to happen soon.'

That was this March. I liked his family's history. His grandfather served in 
British national service - a kind of half-official 'viser' in the navy. That's 
how his family came to have connection with British government - so he can have 
dual nationality - and he talked of how his grandpa missed those good old days 
in colonies - and how things were different in British mainland. And things got 
only worse - now Britons are only simpletons. Only old generation understands 
'complex' issues of their past - but those elders are virtually segregated from 
this society.

When whites have no mercy on 'great' whites, who actually through 2nd W War
and 'reconstruction for Europe' (We dispose elders: Use bins, keep town clean)

how we can expect recognition - for coloureds?

They don't cry for themselves
cause then they will come to know what they are
how miserable they are.

Paul rogers is warning on tv for past 10 minutes?

Hey, but he can say all it in single line,

Muslim got bigger mind than ours - minds of whites -

how they worked for us
how they've been silent for us

and how we terminate their grievance

it's apparent from my experience in Bradford.

Shazia asked me - 

Akio - you know, Japanese are honouraly white?


you guys are good on technology, so white people treat you as a friend 


I knew I came wrong place

but I didn't want Shazia to tell me that I'm in wrong place.

a.@for the silence and hypocrisy of Christianity

now it's finally all is power against power - power versus powe

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