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  • Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 21:43:45 +0000

1) http://www.kdis.legend.org.uk/

Seems it's not only Jersey dominated by Freemason, 
from KDIS and some 1 in 12 publications, - 
there is a striking fact that

BRADFORD is running by FREEMASON. (wha?)

NO WONDER asian kids are directed to burn up 
Christian Church in Garrington - 

(Ya know In Manningham you got BIG gorgeous 
synagogue. Why 'Islam fundamentalists@bradford'
turn up to burn down it? - cause they are manipulated
by Jews. Period.)

And no wonder, Asians are impoverished. 

So, Jews are making everywhere in this world 
into 'Israel-Palestine' situation? 

2) Being thinking about who's doing Anthrax thing. 

I think it's MOSSAD<what?

Cause, it's in Pakistan (muslim zone)
but it's not yet in Israel. Alright, it's Jews. 

If Anthrax really got in Israel, 
I think Jews would go freak out finally, 
then Left wingers would win - 
so, it's Mossad. 

After I sent this message within days,
it would be found in Israel too (will be mockery one 

- the problem is that Manningham Synagogue would be
burnt down or not - 

can't tell. But Anthrax should be in Israel 
within weeks, cause otherwise people would start to 
notice it is strange that Israel is 'Anthrax-free'.

A. @I know someone is looking into my mailbox.

Am I anti-semitist?

or - Jews got 'bad publicity' and 'numbskulled 
foregin policy' - and they are not trying to improve
it at all - so I sound like pickin' on them? 

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