[interact_list] [peace march in london, 18th nov 2001] in puzzlement

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- even try to come up with 'a clear agenda', now it's impossible, 
no one can tell how the situation in Afghanistan going to be -

Stop War - but not now, now it's too late.
20,000 buddies - each pay £5 - 100,000 

still can't reach up to billions or millions, govts allocate
for assault, pk force and humanitarian aids. 

So it's a merely a bunch of weak brained dissidents who never think 
of how they themselves look like? 

Maybe this weekend is beter to stay at house for thinking, contemplating - 
But I think I'd go down to London, and see, how people deal with puzzlement - 
how people would deal with their 'conviction' (really? are they really into

I'd walk with people, taking notes, thinking and thinking. 


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