[interact_list] [macedonia] and it's again 'play' (western politics is theatrical thus religious)

  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jawbreaker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 23:53:04 +0100

Cr - from below. That's okay - but no one talks of 
trad diplomacy - this is all wrong. PS only makes ego-boost - 
'what I'm believing is right and just' - while you are 
moving back and forth that small library and copy machines,
not meeting much people, not listening to other views. 

Last night, radio 4 reported 'Cease Fire Talk' was resumed again - 
all of a sudden, without an explanation - but in the end of the report 
- it seems now you only need to listen to the finishing lines of 10 
minutes or so report

'It is doubtful that this cease-fire can be maintained.'

And today, diplomats, Solana, Nato Commander G. Robertson - 
and reps from Mcd and Alb - took seats on Peace Deal again - 


It's a good move!, Akio's pessimism brings nothing! Yeah Cr/PS works ---

You just need to read the ending lines. 

``This has to be the very last push for a political process,'' a 
diplomatic source said.

'Western analysts have questioned whether either side is serious about 
the peace process, suggesting their main aim is to shift the blame for 
any eventual failure onto their foes. (Additional reporting by Daniel 

Without pointing out that 'ya' or 'our' politics and thinkin' ways of 
things are fucking religious and theatrical - 

there won't be bottom up thing achieved - then to make Cr enable to 
this - PS need to engage in criticism against those 
religious/theatrical mechanisms and mindsets of Western politics - 
But it still sits within the fantasm identity 'We are the Peace makers'.

It's not about persuasion or conviction, it's about being open and open
to argument - but endlessly and tirelessly. Politics is now only about 
how to make this cost-taking direction manageable - 

'But we are living in the supermarket and we like it, we don't wanna 
lose it.' 

Western Collectivism is surely now - going to ruin everything of 
humanity. (look out - next could be Indonesia, maybe soon.)

Keep doing this as much as you want - 
the rest of the humanity is already tired, sick of this, and leaving
your hypocrisy. 

I know there are people following your path - West - 
but that only means humanity are losing and losing its good parts. 

But Westerners never get bored with their 'play' and 'theatrical 
calculations', - and it will perish humanity. 

You can't teach 'people' so you let them do it -
but you never see yourself in the mirror. 

That's religion.

I see myself as a scum but I'm fucking trying to be a 'upright' 
scum - I know where is my ass and I know what my hands and heart can do
- why in the West, esp in Europe - this mentality doesn't exist - 

Something is terribly wrong in Europe. They can't see themselves.

They only talk of something 'nice' - like sick people, people who 
really can't talk about themselves - in the first place. 

And they recommend that kind of attitude to everyone else, anyone else
they meet on the corner on the globe. 


The answer is simple. They themselves are now so horrible 
they lead history and all the potentials to this narrow corner of 
living hell

- so they cannot see that they are the demon, evil and living death. 

Sittin' on a couch - watchin' movie - 

all are the living dead (no life, still, greeds will remain in them)


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