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  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 19:56:20 +0100

>you tell them to trash the OSCE office? 

And told them make sure take those assholes hostages alive and abuse
in this way and that way - with internet video stream broadcast and
satellite network.  

Only burning cars and messing around few buildings ain't gonna tell a 
thing to those numbskulls. So on this game, Mcds are 'wimp'
Alb will take the carrot.

On the eastern side you have 'nationalisms' 'racism' - Slav/Anti-Slav 
sentiments and 'We need to suppress ethnic minorities' type old 
nationalist #democracy in Bulgaria, Greece, even in Turkey etc, 
(and OSCE, even get trashed 300 times more they said they do 
eastward expansion - they need to reach and make firm connections with 
Central Asia)

And we have Albanian Nationalism, the state Albania itself, said to be 
indifferent - but I don't know how it's going in Kosovo and Macedonia. 

In Kosovo, UN(Dickhead) endorsing(just reading SOP manual)
election is planned at Nov. 17.  

And UN is pressing Serbs to join the election - but Serbs say

# Serb participation under the current conditions would mean 
#`legalization of an independent, Albanian-dominated Kosovo and the 
#complete ethnic cleansing of Serbs'.

So Serbs need to play boycott card. 
Then what Albanians are really doing? 

Is there any source for this? I don't have much firm ones. 

ex-KLA leaders are getting BIG and FAT,
I saw now they are living in 'PALACE' on BBC.
What T.Woodhouse called 'parallel structure problem' 
isn't addressing this issue but I think this is the thing 
Jonathan(Danish) and I , and T.W, talked of - 

Aid/money are going into KLA network,
the formal faces of Kosovo govt apparatus are disguise 
to call in more aid/money. 

And Kostunica is seeing this - probably. Misha Glenny is seeing this 
too - 

All those 'governing legitimacy' issue - struggle for the 'election'
is about 'WHO' controls all those flows of money, stuff, and illicit 
stuff - (World Bank is monitoring this - making tons of papers 
but I don't know for who and what this accountability is going -
someday we may know - or we won't ever know.)

All right Kosovo Albanians got stronghold - they chucked out Serbs, 
And if they want - they can work with NLA factions - and they can with
Macedonia Albanians too. 

If they push it - they can get 'Nation-State' - routes are two

A) violent conflict 
B) steadily spreading nets of informal sector 

For A) West is not playing any effective card. I don't know what they 
are doing and I wish historian - maybe 70 or 80 years later conclude 
that 'Solana and G.Robertson were utterly clueless.'

For B) West won't be able to play any effective card. 

Because components of 'informal sector' are 'constitutional' to 
European trade/culture system. Simply EU citizens are partly customers 
for those informal services available from Balkan Mafias. 

1)Drug : You never deal with this. Drug is part of Western civil 
society - no matter you try to neglect/defy - it's been there and
Western civility is yet to have any thought about this. And from 
Central Asia - through Balkans - cheap drugs will flow in - even to UK, 
to all cities within Europe - which always have constant and high 
demand for those substance. EU and European govts have no guts to fight
against this scenario - they are not thinking of protection for their 
kids and citizens. Only disparity between the rich and the poor will 
increase - in EU. 

2)Shadow economy: Smuggling - this is very European too. 

3)Importing Prostitutes - this is also 'tradition'. Young women's 
trafficking - and in London this is already a big problem. 

So even taking scenario B) Kosovo Albanian enterprise can be more fat 
and more powerful - there are demand and customers in and out - 

Some years ago experts said disintegrated Soviet Union countries and 
Russia may going to take this role - corrupt state filled with informal
sector enterprises - and supply 'services' to European citizens. 

Now it seems Balkans - are about to take this role - 
Kosovo Albanians - can be one of the major player in this pond. 

This may be the threat - Macedonians are perceiving. 
I don't know what they are really afraid of. 

EU lacks 

-ethical resource (they haven't got 'social capital' for themselves
in the first place)

-human resource (all those qualified 'international' social workers
haven't got guts and brains, rahter they are 'employee' minding their 

-and probably understanding. rather OSCE and EU Brussels bureaucrats 
and EU politicians are probably calculating how to make connections 
with all those mafia/informal sectors so that they can get money and 
power. Newer generations of those elites will only be able to corrupt - 

and I think this trend will intensify. Sadly, this is global trend. 
Humanity are losing the dignity from their political process. 

Sadly enough, European kids, youth and citizens only want comforts -
if they can buy drugs cheap - they support it.
if they can buy cheap and young prostitutes - they will like it.
these days democracy in EU is minimum and dead. Europe itself never has
established the status of 'civil society' - ever. 

And it's too late to tackle all these problems. 

Coming ages of 'informal sector' - Our reps - political, 
governmental/bureauctatic and academic are not well experienced and well
informed to fight against these problems - rather they will be seduced 
to 'dark sides' - mafias will buy them up. 

How CIA(intelligence agency) and Mafias - then other 
'officials'(including academics) would team up and do things - 

I think we will start to have proof of this, probably soon. 

It's not poor or rich - you can't get 'justice' even take sides of poor

humanity is now on the large stride of demoralising - at all parts. 

We have no fix so no one knows how we are gonna through this. 


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