[interact_list] [macedonia] I think that it's in the flood and each 'agencies' are trying to make most of it

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 19:41:13 +0100

Thanks, (for the Womble's ICRC report about Mcdn,

it's basically about 'relief NGOs' - like 

- tell me where these things are not happening in this world. 

The question (rationally) is

What has been done to that border line between Ksv@ and Mcdn.

Account 1: it's very complex g-graphc situation we cannot set up 
troops - it's only known to locals and you cannot monitor or close.

Account 2: we can do it and we are doing it very effectively.

Account 3: there can be other routes for smuggling in weapons/arms,
so even we lid this border line - Albanians would find routes 

I don't know true answer but if one thinks about the meaning and aim of 
whole operation of 'separating Mcdn' from the heat of ethnic rivalry - 
it's 10 years long mission - and now it's failing in the end - 

#the treatment of this border is the indispensable key - 

but no one focus on it - 

We can go one more down step to see the fundamentals of series of FYR 
conflicts - it's only about 1917 Wilsonian Doctrine - self 
determination for small ethinc entities - and this is not feasible 
(esp on eastern side - Blgr, Hngry,Grc,Trky, they cannot swallow 
'self-determination' or autonomy for repressed entities they've been 
containing - not for economical reasons but for their own 'ethnic 
hatred' over those small tribes and gypsies/romas)

But James Pardew (US delegate) rejected this proposal. And we have to 
see how this 'homework(unresolved)' will spread and argued among and 
within those eastern countries. 

They are not that obeident to EU and Nato's direction - that's the 
story I got. (But EU cannot drop its expansion mandate:

It is a fight of historical scale over 'Western white Europeans' and 
'Eastern Slavs'and some minorities in Slav domination area. The real 
bottom picture in the region is coming from First World War - and 
French revolution. 

We will need more 'reading' on what has been there - in the Eastern 
Europe - ex, Tom Gallager needs to drop his communist sympathy to 
understand what those people really have been doing in their 
modernisation struggles - but - I think it will up to US's academics - 
cause they got gorgeous library and local connections (there are many 
exiles from East Eurp - in Ivy league universities - ex. Kissinger, 
Albright etc.)

And 'Strategic expansion' of West toward central Asia is basically 
initiated by US strategic agencies. (EU is basically trying to catching 
up. Not taking initial lead.)

And on the context of 'growth of informal sector' in the region - 
NGOs are basically not doing much. 

I cannot find the resource but basically humanitarian NGOs are now only
competing for their 'market' - they need to appeal effectively to their
donators. It's covered in BBC world service and they promised to 
release the resource on the website - but it was too crucial and 
scandalous - so seems it's not available by so far. (I may check it 
again soon.)

1: Displacement starts
2: NGOs, competingly rush in the region 
3: Make camps and get refugees as many as possible than 'other' NGOs
4: Start to shoot photographs how they are doing well and quick 
5: and also type documentation from their lap-top 
6: and send it back to their HQ and spread copies of those 'hot' 
reports to donators. So that they can get a bit more of money. 
7: And in this cometitive process, they do whatever they can to kick 
out competitors, other NGOs. 

And adding recent global economic downturn - and 'the cost' of 
humanitarian aid workers from advanced countries - 

They think and act like MacDonalds. (this was the content of the world 
service program)

So the 'conference' idea was and is - I shall say - good. 
It aimed to 

-refocus the people's attention to 'Work Ethics', it is a time to learn
and educate new generations of the population to survive in global 
competition and there is no time for destruction and unnecessary 
hostility to neighbors. If you choose latter - your economic 
development would be prolonged and only become severe - you have to 
sell your daughters to West - is that what you want? 

-and focus on 'federal' mechanisms - over the region, like African 
Union just this summer came up - 

And make sure these simple arguments would be provided to all the 
population in the region - 

otherwise - all I can say is 'informal sector/parallel structure' 
will loom in the eastern Europe - and it will surely add more burden to
the betterment of advanced but demoralising western European countries 
and peoples. 

But Kosov@ KLA or 'Kosovo Protection Corps' 
are already seems way too big and fat fish in the pond - 
They made most out of the flood. 

-Aid materials for their black economy,
-sluggin' domestic market structure - for their black market,
-internally displaced people - for the export - human trade, 
-grievances - more drugs and supporting sentiments for their nationalist

Stir it up and stir it up, pond water will get more muddy and muddy -
and you only can drop more foods/money into the pond - wishing helping 
small fishes - but you only get handful big brutal fishes coming out of
the pond - 

and they will be big enough to start to eat your children.

[So I say NGOs are short sighted - The only exit is historical 
conference and regional structure installment. They also have to press 
for it.]

Western Europe and Eastern Europe,

has anyone got thought about it? 

We have to have really big heart and experiences,
and tough jaws - and brilliant mind and brains 
to go through this. 

It's good to have real challenging task in one's life time. 


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