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  • Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 23:13:45 +0100


Just go and read transcript when you have time - 
and let's puke(throw up) - cuz, that's the only thing probably
we could do for the moment as the reaction. 

That's all. Following is basically for Tom, Ben, Sanda, Rob.


You can say Fuck US - but please don't forget, 
EU and NATO is not that accountable - or is least accountable 
and what's going on #UP THERE is political deals and games.

For Europeans/Westerners, so, it is necessary to 'accept' 
that you belong to one of those 'two major' powers, 
US and Europe. No matter how you are cosmopolitan, 
no matter how you are anti-US or anti imperialist - 

Our lives are shaped by - or rather shaped under the 'deals'
and 'games' performed by US AND Europe - and these two powers
will remain as powers - and their relations will remain as the key
for the course of the rest of humanity. 

Anti-NMD, that was the only message we had while we are doing SS 
(paul's part) - that's only Anti-US. 

Communist or leftist tends to have this 'nationalistic' tendency. 
They do defend, unconsciously, their 'home' - 

Where is Europe? what's Europe has been doing and what's
Europe is upto now? 

I was thinking these lines while I was listening to the program 
and in the end, I felt I have to throw up - 


that's what I felt for our department. 
Of course I also felt sick for the customs and practices of
international politics too, still, 

Gather fishes, and keep them only in small pond. 

Never let them have 'more pictures', 'more realities',
Never let them give real abilities to understand international 
politics and its history. 

Never let them understand why they are like what they are. 

I feel past two years weren't about knowledge or education, 
it's been only about 'identity problems' of PS/PR and Cr,
they don't understand for what and for who, doing what. 
They can't decide and they don't even have a piece of confidence.

None of faculy, to my eyes, has ever traveled enough to understand 
people's sorrow, grievances and hope in this world. 

It's 'European' Peace Studies, 
and its education formula is totally 'reactionary conservative/
and education content is cheap and none. 

Read the transcript and compare it with what we got from SS.

Nasty, isn't it. 


One relevant 
issue 'Arms Control' --------------------------------------------

The assessment of the successes or the failures of arms control,
as the one of the most significant issue area of Peace 
Studies/Education/Research/Movements, is - yet to be certified.


1: For many reasons this issue area has been neglected, 
never have got enough attention and activities so 'now' we
are starting to face more serious problems. 

2: No(to 1) the regulation/control regimes for the weapons
of mass destructions (BW,CW,and nuclear etc) have been 
working sufficiently and these should be seen as success.

3: So how about the problems of 'small (fire) arms'? 
(including landmines and underground/informal market sector
for these things) - in the history of post second world war,
small arms have been playing most significant roles in 
various kinds of conflicts and warfares - but we are yet to have
any effective regulation regime on this matter. 
(Just last June - some of us mentioned about H&K sub machine guns. 
It's originally from Germany(design, patent, some crucial parts)
and manufacturing patent was in the hands of UK, 
but actual factories are in Turkey.)

Then, after seeing all these options we can step in more
'hard' arguments or info/knowledge refine process...

BWs and CWs - these are professional issues so,
the dept delivers something like this. 


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