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  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 18:19:35 +0100

Basically this is for - W0mble10,


>Is that all right to type url in subject?

>Actually I never tried so...

So may some of you already have been familiar with this name
(esp from last night's channel 4's coverage - about what - 
I don't remember - ah, WestYorkshire cops beating up a drunk.)


I don't care about human rights - and I mean it -  but well, 
it's funded by Peter Gabriel (and I hate his musicianship like hell)
heck, what I need to say - 

but still, that's a step ahead thing - 

And it's in NY, not in UK - so even Peter knows where to start new and 
creative venture - 

Peace Museum should have focus on this kind of 'decentralised' stuff
but all those old archaic heads would go for 'centralisation' - 

and widen gap between 'acadmics' and 'Yorkshire people'
and gets more patronising and preachy (Oliver etc) 
or withdrawn (Paul R.) or perplexed (N.L.)

Look Macedonia -

L(her stage costume is always with striking red -  for whatever reasons 
or purpose):

'Well I was in Skopje but I was in taxi from the airport so 
I really can't witnes anything what's on there - ' (copyright@Snd)

I think her air ticket and staying expenses can support 
10 or so Videocams and network distribution system - 

and probably there are many citizens who can speak English - 

By the way, I'm recalling Snd's face when she talked -

'Just last week back in Ygslv they hd concert - playing all those
old Yugoslav music and people were really crying - they miss Ygslv,
I mean - get a life please. I really don't know what's wrong with my 

'(A) Well, it's only - never learned from Switzerland - they have 
trilingual policy - three languages are public and official.'

And she paused, she was strucked and she was about started to laugh, 
and I also think it's laughable. God, we just only have to quote 
Switzerland (for Ygslv). They've been smart. They have all sorts of 
advanced ideas within? the framework of liberalism. Pluralism, 
neutrality and private banking/offshore systems. 

Some places can be like that and others can't - why - answers would be 
lengthy but we need to practice to question these things - 

'Yeah, God, True, Yeah, Tri(lingual)... '

Snd said. 

And walking down the Great Horton rd. I felt how much do we really know 
about Europe - its inventions and how much we can think about it - 
bloody hell - it's a creation of generations of bloody hell. 

Ideas, and we have ears and minds to listen them or not - 
and sit along with all those 'old men' - or not - 



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