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  • Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 16:52:54 +0100

DNA thing,

Seemingly it got more revealing...
7 clans ONLY in Europe basically, 
and 27 clans ONLY in other parts of the world...)

Over the past decade research in Oxford and other universities 
throughout the world, has shown that our mitochondrial DNA (or mtDNA 
for short), which is inherited exclusively through the maternal line, 
uncovers a genetic legacy which has been invisible until now. 

This female genealogy has created an evolutionary framework going back 
150,000 years, and reveals that almost everyone in Europe, or whose 
maternal roots are in Europe, is descended from one of only seven 
women. Each of them founded a maternal clan whose descendants make up 
well over 95% of modern Europeans.

These seven women, the 'Seven Daughters of Eve', have been given the 
names Ursula (Latin for "she-bear"), Xenia (Greek for "hospitable"), 
Helena (Greek for "light"), Velda (Scandinavian for "ruler"), Tara 
(Gaelic for "rock"), Katrine (Greek for "pure") and Jasmine (Persian 
for "flower").


and go to 'Seven Daughters of Eve'



the page has mis-typed html so you need to 
reach small map by scrolling. (To me it was really cool.)


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