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  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 00:32:18 +0100

Be happy, to be English or British - 
It is about 

1)newer models for relations between expert community and public domain

2)expiration of old model of 'reason' and 'emotion' setting, roughly an 
equivalent of 'private' and 'public' setting.


It is possible to say, this can be seen as the effect of several strands
of change -

A) crises of accountability of scientist/engineer communities -
   and scientists and engineers themselves are now proposing 
   new models for their accountability - and it has effect on 
   ways of mechanisms of usual or ordinary political/public domain

B) decomposition and reconstruction of modern 'subject':
   romanticism - and rationalism - and design of 'platform' for 
   public/citizenary argument/option seeking, or justification process.
   'Deconstruction' performed by postmodernism - its magnitude is 
   yet to be fully tapped to Anglo-Saxonian world - but now it is 
   streaming in - detouring more moderated routes, focusing on the 
   'objective' location and status of emotion - and its appropriate 
   representation in public/political domain. [they will soon reach 
   the issue of anthropomorphologic projection and dismantle 
   religions finally - it might take 3 or 4 decades though. But AI 
   researchers and Human-Computer interface engineers will surely
   expire religions.]

There are many dials/joints of the mechanism of this world we need to 
re-adjust - but this turn of 'Analysis' was significantly about - one of
those( it should create uproar - but it won't happen cause it's radio 4 
- no one in this island is listening seriously.)

Considering the pace of 'updates' and in a way ' attacks' towards
obsolete and ever-unchanging domains of social/political sciences 
by scientific and engineering enterprises and experts - 
social scientific enterprises (still largely ran by white dominant 
males) - will totally lose their grounds because they are essentially
nothing but the apologists' enterprises for the brutality and 
arrogance of white male's racial politics. This sounds harsh - but
in reality that is the demon still surviving and going to survive. 
(how much typical characteristics of white dominant males are
studied and listed by the hands of white males? - they don't look
themselves in the mirror. They never write a book about themselves.
They don't research about themselves - how come? )

And it is better to leave the space of future for 
those real fiuture making hands of kids, women, elders and animals. 

Be careful about what your hands - really can create, in this world. 
Tommorow's world would not leave a space for apologistic betrayals and 
moderations continued for centuries - they will gently reveal. 

And that's the hope for the future of humanity. 
'The end is neigh, liberate yourself - and find yourself -

Be down to earth - seize what you really are - reach to your voice
and understand what your hands can really do and create - 
Science and scientific reflections about humanity and human society has
reached to that level - because every one of us need to be happy for 
what we really are and for what we really can do. 

Welcome to the 21st century, although it took really, surely, way too 

A.(now I can retire - leave everything without a worry, :-), [for the
memories of lessons of Billy Higgins, and struggles of Shigeru Watari]

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