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Tell my friends that what Akio?s been doing here is only ?talking?, friends as 
Lynn, Shamsun, Lincoln and Abid - 
(and I think you should tell even to Mandi and Lisa - and Claudia
and probably you should tell it again to Rob too. )

Then make sure you talk about or do something about 
what you got - more than ?what Akio is?. You just need to show my friends that 
you got something more than what Akio?s been got and trying. 

My Answer: Bernhard got much less. 
And he doesn?t know how to bring it in ?friendship?. 
(Or probably he has never thought about it.)

The thing is you just started to work on yourself and how you can see this 
world. Then you are in a hurry, I don?t know why - but probably for your ?self-
esteem? problem - you want to find a easy train to easy terminal - an end, 
your easy trip terminates. 

And probably that?s what you are talking of. 

I don?t have that kind of self-esteem thing, 
or even I got that - I?m used to think of myself as a scum
- useless being for a society, and societies - even. 

You never lived under the repression, 
you didn?t have to spend your late teens and 20s 
under surveillance, monitoring, listing, and phone/mail tapping. 

You didn?t have to worry and cry for your friends, 
best friends, many friends, hundreds to thousands - 
many go through everyday as a desperate human being. 

You got that self-esteem problem. 

I?ve done my hardest part of my life - it took probably 20 years - and I know 
I?m doing comfortable than when I started. I spent thousands of days without a 
guide, without a clue. 

And I never done that for my self-esteem. 
But it?s hard earned thing. 

And after all this 2 years - you say

?Akio is only doing talking.?

I think your belief in freedom is now really great. 

Use it, proliferate it - for - your self-esteem sake.

Your concern about ?MY legitimacy for intervention?.
But what do you know about people on the ground? 

Easy Peace Makers - they are concerned about ?themselves?.
We got enough stories even when they got to the ground,
they don?t go into people.

But fortunately I have made different friends here -
and you never know what kind of talk I?ve been having and having with those 

We go deep, we need to go deep. 

It?s deep, when it is not about your self-esteem or
stylishness or smartness. 

You are yet to get there. 

You can talk whatever you want and even you can do whatever you want to do - 

But there are certain things you are probably almost choosing not to do here. I 
know it. 

Deeds? Acts? I don?t have a clue what you implied for ?other than talk? - 

I would say you even fail to get my ?talk? - 

probably that?s the reason, 
we don?t form links/circles including or bypassing
Shamsun, Lincoln, Lynn etc. I wonder you can get what we are talking of. (Rob 
once had a short but fierce exposure to what I and Lincoln talk of racism)

Now I really wonder it?s good for you or bad for you, not being a part of this 
part of my friend circle.

It?s rather like a worry. 

For your precious criticism from your self-esteem syndrome,


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