[interact_list] a first decade of 21 st century in brief

  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: interact_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 17:45:24 +0100

Over a night, and a line 

to terminate freaks we use freaks -
(to counter extremists and warlord agents, 
we use our freaks, mercenaries) 

and there will be zone of peace and civility - 

in democracy someway somehow we forgot to put this line

' security by people for people (or security for people by people)' 

Q1: this was lucky and we are going to be exempted from all those 
our responsibilities and our freaks will terminate those freaks in 
marginalised regions, (and we will set up regional security mechanism: 
at least we have a picture in our mind: 
- how CR is far away from this big context/mission)

Q2: or we are going to fXXk all ourselves and fXXk those barbarians 
cause as far as we don't think about security as a part of our 
democratic and civil duty - we don't take it seriously so there would 
be no structure to check and steer our security systems - peace, 
humanitarianism, cause, justice - all illusion to cover up our civil, 
romanic-moronic life style in supermarket-centered premises. 

Q3: Or we can say there are 'structural' reasons why we so fXXked up 
and we are going to work on 'structural adjustments' - 


There will be some people work on this, verbalising and alarming 
that this could be the only way to continue all those 'progress'
as genuinely meaningful and not as western empire's hypocricy. 

But rather things will be continued to be filled with large chaotic
problems and all sorts of small chaotic problems, we will start to 
witness all sorts of incredible amount of 'cluelessness' of 21st 
century human beings. 

Just because each of us love ourselves just too much
more than seeing realities and working to change it. 

So I need to change context of my life? 

West is happily fucked and it's not going to make the project
of enligtenment continue - it will turn back itself to be 'empire' - 
within it asshole citizens and outside a bunch of lawless barbarians
and gangs/mafias - 

do I need to switch my context-? 

it's upto my mind or rather my body - 
something I really don't totally dominate - 

intensity but intensity is only available from - 


it will be hard to find a place in which my stories to make sense

so I need to despise those who don't understand issues -

I need to ask to 'something' within myself. 


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