[interact_list] [a cheap piece] a mossad conspiracy in muslim media

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  • Date: Sun, 4 Nov 2001 17:34:30 +0000

The thing is we need to form each civil society not to be
exploited by plans and acts of informal agents' - 
Woodrow Wilson said that. Expire secrecy - and people has to 
study foreign/international relations. 

The 11th Sept attacks required 'support' or even direction 
by Mossad - we wouldn't be able to know. (Heck, Pakistan 
has been the hub of N.Korea, Iraq, China, Russian, and elses
- not only for 'anti-US' purpose, but to make money, 
to 'militarize' themselves. 

Mossad behind Sep 11 attacks: Report 
Updated on 2001-11-04 10:17:31 
RIYADH, Nov 4 (PNS): A Saudi newspaper charged Saturday that the 
Israeli secret service Mossad was behind the September 11 terror 
attacks on New York and Washington that killed thousands of 

The mass-circulation Okaz said in an editorial that an attack on 
such a scale could not have been carried out with such accuracy 
and precision without the help of parties inside the United 
States or with strong links in Washington. 

"Six Israelis suspected of involvement in the attacks on New York
and Washington were arrested in the US, to be later released. 
This confirms our strong suspicions about the involvement of 
Israel's Mossad in the ugly crime," Okaz said. 

"If we look carefully into this matter, we can find no more 
influential sides in the US than the Israeli Mossad agents, who 
have the ability to penetrate and the capability to execute with 
high efficiency," the daily said. 

The paper said there was not sufficient evidence that Arabs and 
Muslims were behind the attacks, but it did not rule out the 
possibility that Mossad may have recruited some Muslims to carry 
out the atrocities. 

"The main purpose of the conspiracy (attacks) is to undermine 
ties between Arabs and Muslims, especially moderate states, on 
the one hand and the US on the other, and to turn the Muslim and 
Christian civilizations against each other and incite hatred 
between their adherents," it said. 

The positive change in Washington's policy on Middle East peace 
and its support for the establishment of an independent 
Palestinian state confirms that the United States has laid its 
hands on important leads indicating a direct role by the Mossad 
in the attacks, the paper asserted. 

"We don't think we will wait too long before (the United States) 
reaches this result. This crime should not pass without knowing 
its actual masterminds, instead of focusing on 'stupid' tools," 
Okaz said. 


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