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  • Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:06:24 +0100

[In a week, there can be a war, and Israel sent 4 ministers to US.]

The best article, I read by so far about 'how Is-Pa conflict 
would go' is on The Times (today, oct 19th 2001, UK national paper)...

'Israel says Arafat era is over'

But the website doesn't provide the same article (what a crap).
Basically Sharon said [the thing is what he said yesterday/today 
is not on news sources at all, it's not even on Haaretz or Jerusalem 
post...) - 

1:Israel is going to dismantle PLO(or get rid of Arafat)
2:and the deadline is 'a week', PLO needs to hand over
assassins. (but that's tough for Arafat)
3:and Israel is going to send 4 senior ministers to US, 
to persuade Washington, that Israel is doing 'right things'. 

[Bin Laden's location]

There is a traitor in US. He should have been shutting his mouth. 
(When OBL get caught or dead in the region, he has to really hide
his identity...)

'A geologist familiar with Afghanistan says he can make a good guess 
where Osama bin Laden was hiding when a recent video was made.'



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