[interact_list] People live without an understanding of the world they live in/Creation of Palestinian State, Bush endorsed [making of historic shift? or a sweet talk?]

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  • Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 13:16:43 +0100

Alright, I won the argument, Washington does recognize all this 
comes from Is-Pa conflict. (but against who? no one is arguing or 
talking about what's goin on in this world, yeah I'm stuck in 

It's a good news, so I think I am happy for today.

0:US Attacked>

1:In Washington of course most people think 'It's because of 
Israel rightwingers, GodDamnit'(They think things 'simple' = A caused 
by B, period) > (But media don't put this point in front and people 
don't talk about this openly)

1-2:People responded me like 'Men, It's not only Israel.'>

2:And now there is a major policy change of Busy administration in 
Middle East> Creation of Palestinian State - (Not much coverage
in major media sources I think : this is very important, stick to 
Yahoo and internet, cause they gather things. 'Medias' they do filter 
things: I will see how this 'Palestine State' is on news, or not]

Argument: Is this just a sweet talk to mush Arab sentiments, just for 
now, - or now US is really going to dump Israeli right-wingers and 

(3: Now another violence is exercised by Israel military, it's really 
hard to read what's going on in Israel-USA relations. cf: Rumsfeld is 
in the region, visiting around)

(4: In very simple way, USA would start to squeeze Israeli 
right-wingers and probably try to settle situation in Israel-Palestine
conflict(active peace mediation and settlement): but this is against 
the interests of extremists within both parties.)

A.@Now I can stop studying Hebrew? (you know how it looks, those 
There are several articles in Yahoo. 

Tuesday October 2 5:50 PM ET 
Bush: Palestinian State Is Goal

The Bush administration made clear Tuesday that it foresees the 
creation of a Palestinian nation as the outcome of any successful 
Mideast agreement. 

``The idea of a Palestinian state has always been a part of a vision, 
so long as the right to an Israeli state is respected,'' President 
Bush (news - web sites) said. 

Before Attacks, U.S. Was Ready to Say It Backed Palestinian State

A piece from NY times.
Bush Says Palestinian State Always Part of Vision

Palestinian Welcoms Bush's words

Palestinians Hail Bush; Israel Sees No Policy Shift
etc, etc.

So...it means,,,coming Palestine state would be 'installed' by USA?
but you don't have people who can govern Palestine...at all levels,
...how long Arafat would live?...Reality only shows scale of 
diffculty, we would hardly be able to get on with. 

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