[interact_list] [Palestine State here at London] so, what's goin' on?

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  • Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 22:09:51 +0100

Hello, it's again about Palestine State - 
so you don't have to read them at all. Just to sprinkle the
feelin' that history is on its makin'....
(still, it's confusing, unclear, dark and complex - 
uncertain process.)

ya know how Mr.X(our close friend) performs Arafat...

Blair, Arafat going to meet Sharon at London, in Nov. 
But Peres says 'It's too early'
(To me, no one can be sure what's going on in Nov, 
then what kind of political performance is this?: can't guess.)

All games (even at advanced level' of 'dual policy') go on, 
still, "It's a question of having confidence in...Sharon's ability to 
do something productive with an opportunity for peace," he said, 
adding the Israeli public may lose patience with the former general 
"if they believe he is wasting an opportunity". 

As some opinion poll research says, majority(60%) of Israeli 
want peace - the problem is at what cost - and how canny they are - 
or not.

HA'ARETZ gives some account (the problem is most of the 
Jewish/Israeli sources provides 'fair, self-critical 
account/self-reflection' and 'hawkish assertions' -
even within the same news agency, you can see the spectrum of
opinions of middle, and right - I think 'leftish one' is rather rare.


- Analysis / Something's rotten at the top 

- IDF due to withdraw from Abu Sneina 
(Dual Policy? - or inner theatre of Israel politics is - something 
still we don't know how to read and understand - I think. The stance
and switching of Sharon between 'Dove' and 'Hawk' is really that

- http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20011015/wl/israel_politics_1.html
Monday October 15 3:28 PM ET :Israeli Leader Warns Defectors
and now this piece tells(or shows that how Sharon confronted
rightwingers and military...: and if still this is the performance...
it's way too deep...)


also provides...well, history is moving 

that's true, 

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