[interact_list] [Palestine State] UN observer force, resolutions and Europeans' role

  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 16:48:00 +0100

Following is from NYtimes, and in a way, it adds another idea
about coming Mideast Peace Process - as Akio, Bernard, Tom discussed 

1:as Colin Powell or Bush dispatches 'formal statement' about the 
coming Mideast process or 'Palestine state' - 

2:soon (or of course already) Europeans, England, Germany (ah, 
that's the reason Fischer and Blair is competing - it's a kind of 
competition 'who endorse' Palestine state thing) France - all can rush 
to UN and pass Peace Keepers (Observer Force' Resolution - 

and can press past resolutions, those which haven't been implemented. 
(Syria - retreat from Lebanon: beneficial? for Israel)

3: Still, 

 A: Sharon's 'unacceptable comment' could be a blunder, it was totally 
designed diplomatic action (to press US to press Palestine -
and actually Palestinians are quiet after Colin Powell really pressed
Arafat on the phone.) 

 B: As I sent, diplomatic tracks between Israel and Washington is very 
intact. Of course now Israel can be very prepared to what would come 

 C: US needs to persuade Arab world but Israel cannot 'appease' to 
terrorists - cannot swallow 'Palestine state' now - 

 D: So there will be again, 'an interim agreement' between Palestine 
and Israel, towards 'future Palestine Statehood'. 

 E: Then as this article in NY times says, 'Israel can transform the 
interim into the permanent' - 

Very unjust, but that's politics - and of course Arab world is watching
this. And Washington and Israel is communicating - 

Game, rolls on. 



'Aware of how far apart the two sides are, Mr. Sharon favors delaying 
negotiations for a final agreement in favor of what he calls "a 
long-term interim agreement," one that would last until he is long out 
of office.

But Mr. Arafat and other Palestinian leaders have no interest in any 
temporary agreement that might create obstacles to a permanent one, 
much as previous compacts permitted the continued building of 
settlements. "Their fear is that the idea behind an Israeli interim 
agreement is to create facts on the ground, and transform the interim 
into the permanent," Mr. Pundak said.'

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