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  • Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 19:13:14 +0100

'There is confusion about the fate of five US Special Forces troops amid
claims they have been captured by the Taliban.'

As it was released to public resource since yesterday, already US and 
maybe UK special units have been working in Afghanistan. (some say 
since 2 weeks before but others say just since yesterday: for detail go
Yahoo news and figure.)

And there is a news, coming up, already those elite forces are either
a: captured by Taliban or
b: lost its contact

...can be total hoax. (Still makes me think [not 'casualties or death 
toll' but 'hostages', how US and UK people can fight with this. = 

A.@peace movements...think...this is the occasion to grow itself...
I don't say Anti-War, but I say 'don't send those American soldiers 
for such a meaningless and useless missions. It's vain and sad.'

Saturday September 29, 06:16 PM (Sky News)

http://uk.news.yahoo.com/010929/80/c5pxe.html ..etc]

Taliban Deny Capture Claims:

There is confusion about the fate of five US Special Forces troops amid
claims they have been captured by the Taliban.A prominent television 
network in the Middle East has reported that the five were seized by 
Afghan security forces, but the Pentagon and the Taliban deny the 

Qatar's al-Jazeera station said a military source from bin Laden's al 
Qaeda group claimed the armed men were arrested on the Iranian border.


Two of the three were reportedly Afghans with US citizenship. "They had
some modern weapons and some maps of al Qaeda sites," the station said.
"They were on a reconnaissance mission to know the territory of al 
Qaeda".  He said pictures of the men would be released soon. 

The television network has good contacts with bin Laden and has carried
interviews with the Saudi dissident, Sky's Colin Brazier said from 
Islamabad. This week it claimed to have been sent a fax from bin Laden 
denying responsibility for the terror attacks.

But the claims were dismissed as "totally wrong" by the Taliban's 
defence minister Mullah Obaidullah. And Kabul's official news agency 
said the report "was not true and has no basis".

Colin Brazier said the confusion may have arisen because the al Qaeda 
network could have detained the men and not the Taliban regime.

Scouting missions

A senior source in the White House said on Friday that four and 
five-man teams were already in Afghanistan scouting out possible 
targets. It had been queried why Washington had unofficially 
acknowledged Special Forces were in Afghanistan.

Sky's defence analyst Francis Tusa said it may have been because the 
White House had lost contact with the team and were "preparing" the 
American public for possible losses.

The Taliban has refused to hand over bin Laden, believed to be hiding 
out in the Afghan mountainside, but says it has delivered an edict 
requesting he leave the country.

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