[interact_list] [Macedonia] repeating, yeah, but why ?

  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 20:11:25 +0100

The thing is if you've been monitoring the situation in Macedonia, 
you will have a definite question,

'Why it's repeating?' (over and over again) 

Peace Talk launched> either or both side of Alb Nationalists
or Mcd Nationalists would go against 'deal'>
and basically Mcd govt don't want to swallow the deal. 

This picture has been continuing for past several months 
and I would like to pay great respect to all those negotiators in the 
region - for their patience - but now there is a conclusive 

what's wrong with Mcd govt? 

>the Macedonians were only trying to avoid making any compromises 
[ from http://sg.news.yahoo.com/010718/1/19ful.html
Thursday July 19, 3:27 AM
Ethnic Albanians say Macedonians want to go back to square one
SKOPJE, July 18 (AFP)]

And the problem is we don't know what kind of mediation method -
CR type or traditional type or 'pressuring type' those envoys
are using down there. Then again it looks there may be a 'comic'. 

It looks since that Robert Frowick's case - 
the peace deal OSCE's rep - ex US ambassador to FRY 
had turned out to be a 'fraud' - 

There is no shared methodological understanding 
of negotiation/mediation framework among concerned parties. 

Some go for application of CR (C&C principle) - so Frowick brokered 
very flexible cease-fire plan but others went against it 'That's too 
flexible and unconventional'(NATO, EU, US - all denounced Frowick's 
plan and it ignited another insurgency from the Macedonian side)
#Note: we can say Frowick's idea was fundamentally inadequate
cause Mcd govt cannot swallow his idea - amnesty for ALb Nat groups.

And seemingly there has been an argument about that 'regional 
conference' option too. (Greek offered and US rejected)

Probably, those parties - Mcd, Alb, and EU/NATO, US - 
all knows diffrent - diversity of approaches - ie 

different standards for mediation/negotiation in the 
context of Post-Cold War era - ethnic/civil war type conflict. 

But this 'whole bunch of approaches' at the level of ideas 
- now leading the negotiation process to nowhere - 

'We got flexible one!'
'No, We go Trad.'
'Wait, we need fundamental revision.'
'Fuck sake, we just want to silence Albs and for this purpose
we need Nato/EU, US.(Mcd govt)'
'Fuck sake, you are not strong enough to silence us!(Alb nats)'

EU/NATO/US: 'are we buying that 'co-existence model', aren't we?'
Yap - you are - but Mcd govt don't want it - 
then you have to do something about it and also 
international media need to focus on Mcd govt - why they don't
swallow the deal and why the West cannot put pressure on them
to gobble the deal?

And again no one talks/reports of 'key' issues of conflict. 
(Then how can we have Global Civil society? - )

I can't offer the answer but I felt I've been monitoring 
and I came up with all these things. I know it's getting 

boring (fuck the care - macedonia - ) 

but later on, this memo might become useful. 
(To see things with hindsights) 


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