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It's difficult to say that Britain has similar 
military-industry (and research) complex to that of US.
But it has networks of weapon makers/dealers - and
relevant industries and R&D institutes and even trade union 

One in ten - British is involved in Military 
relevant industry. (In states, people say one in four - )

But there has been signs that 'Cr' is creeping up to
or getting absorbed by the ranks of elites and reps in the
military and British govt. 

The dubious character of British 'Ethical Foreign Policy' -
there are respectable actitivities, by UK activists and UK court 
judges done at those issues of weapon selling to the 
Indonesian govt - still it looks former Imperial govt's 
militaristic links/networks within itself and outside world 
is extensive and secretively deep.

Also some aspects of UK's commitment toward Sierra Leone 
mission is not totally clearly - 'CR' - rather it looks like 
'a test trial' for the recolonisation of west Africa. 

British troops are training Sierra Leone's national troops 
and some UN troops - but as you may know in past 3 to 4 years
- Pentagon has been facilitating all those trainings for 
African militaries - like they do in Latin America - 
and in a way, it is possible to regard that UK just hopped on
the same thing lately. (of course there is a need for more 
delicate argument.)

---UK is an excoloniser of the region and it probably still living the 
rivalry with France - UK retreated from its colony in fairly smooth way
but French made a lot of mess - so UK has its pride that its ex-colonies
would remain okay - (but recent years, erruptions everywhere )-
so they need to do something new - another historical page. ---

The issue of Genoa summit was about 'Central Asia' -
among elites - and one British bureaucrat slipped his tongue
at radio 

'The world is now competing for the interest in the Central 
Asian region and we need to apply 'contingency and 
complimentarity principles' to success in this competition 
[The hell shows this guy read Cr paper but didn't understand 
what it means] - more over we need public support from 
British citizens - our people haven't been updated about 
'our' potential interest in that Central Asia region - we 
need to educate them that we cannot lose this competition in 
the Central Asia. We need understanding and support to win 
this competition. '

so, even the Guradians are the instrument 'Let's steer what 
people discuss next - Let's decide what Peace studies 
students would argue next.' We are living in the big hands,
caught and fed. 

And when this Genoa summit was at closing, finally Tony Blair
mentioned to that word - 

'We don't have time to waste - (it was about probably
Kyoto protocol thing with US: no it was about Africa - ) - we need to 
keep up - there are many things we need to do - like that of 'Conflict 

You talk about this being a Marshall Plan for Africa - is this going to
be backed up by real money, real resources, or is it just something 
which is full of good intentions but is not going to deliver anything 
on the ground?

It can be and should be backed up by not just resources but by private 
sector investment, by measures like the global health fund to tackle 
killer diseases, but it can only happen as part of a deal, as part of 
an agreement in which we the wealthy countries of the world are doing 
more for Africa but Africa is also doing more for itself and tackling 
the problems of corrupt governments, commercial and legal systems that 
don't work, and ###conflict resolution.### So I think there is a great 
deal more that we can and should do, but we can only do it as part of 
an agreement, we cannot do it without that conditionality. 


And as we've been witnessing - British Cr or Bradford Cr
has been commiting itself to the issues of FYR. 

As I always say they don't look in history and nationalism 
issues - so they won't make it - It would require 7 to 8 
experts in one place - and hard language course with much 
better lecture contents - to raise really effective 
'mediaters' or 'bridging workers' between Western Europe and 
FYR/south eastern Europe region. 

But they try to do their apologistic job about UN 
mission/instrument design. 

At the PCR, week 7 or 8 I questioned to TW about how much 
Cr is involved in the currently ongoing Mcdn conflict - 

I listed up questions - and then TW said - he was receptive
and showed genuine curiosity towards them - I saw - 

but he said 'it is interesting question so keep that OHP 
and sheets - when Laina comes back from balkans we may
have special sessions. ' 

Laina - but I don't know how she is that good. 


The (Macedonian)army, which has used long-range artillery 
and helicopter gunships against the rebels with little 
effect, asked Britain on Tuesday for assistance in training a
new counter-insurgency infantry formation, a Macedonian 
defense official said.

He said there had been a longstanding offer from the British 
which the government had decided to take up. A British 
diplomat confirmed the Macedonian request but denied there 
had been any offer and also declined to say if London would 

Have you ever saw Tammy Duffy - recently? 

I saw her once - maybe 3 to 4 weeks before - 

She looked totally different. She looked like a lady warrior 
- totally frustrated and devastated - carrying papers - 
walking across the campus in the speed of - 'mad'.

I recall one thing I discuss at Janet's Thursday debate
with her - 

It was about how militaries are thinking about 
CR/Peacekeeping missions. I said

'US troops are even sending out 'National Guards' 
- I mean they are just 'guys' - so they don't want to lose 
those ordinary people - is this could be the reason why 
military is commiting to the Cr? '

Tammy, defied - (I didn't know she is from California 
at that time)

'I understand, what you mean, it's hard to --- I don't know 
how to say but I understand it - but then - we really have to
be careful about it.'

It's a conversation between an American and Japanese 
so sometimes goes like this. (we are closer - in a way, 
than each of us to British)

1: Military, is still human organisation, they cannot
dispose their troopers, soliders like hell. Now they afraid 
of body bags - but also no matter what the heck that 'the end
of the cold war' means - You can't - you can't lose a life of
those 'good ol' buddies in town' - National Guards - in 
foreign land. It's just way too sad and too much. Whole 
nation of US would cry out and collapse. (That's the meaning 
or sound of the news that 'National guards' are in Kosovo or Middle 
east - or else where. ) So they may learn things from CR.

2: But there are slipperly slopes in the relations of Cr and 
military - 

Nato has basically been willing to commit itself in PKF,
because after the end of the cold war - they had no cause to 
exist - some said even Nato should be resolved. But now they 
found 'the region' they can work in and even, very often, 
they can have more chances to claim more budget. 

And you really don't have to fight there - 
no one likes 'body bag' - money eating - inefficient -
but - soliders feeding - rather secure missions. 

I've been living in dissatisfaction because Tw, Or, Nl, never
mentions to this risky relationship - and moreover - 

most of the students never question this - only one Phd, 
Cecile - only questions Peacekeeping missions and commitment 
of Cr and Peace Studies to it - absolutist/absoulte pacifist.
(Marta once indicated similar position but I think she is
more likely to compromise to be a good bureacrat and get 
promotions. )

I don't know why Daffy looked so anguished and frustrated - 
US troop's position in Macedonia - officially at least is not
that complex - they want to pull out - or they won't take 
risk. (US intelligence agencies are probably really 
comitting. I think. )

And UK is offering - not only taking political sides - 
UK is offering - 


is that something for peace -? 

(again it's - chronogical - historical 
when PKF and Cr started to getting closer - 
and when NATO or US pentagon started to get closer to PKF and Cr - 

this is the only process we can check whole PS/Cr really 
is going to mean what they want to mean - or not.)

about a year left -

and will we really get to the real picture - of
what's goin' on in this world? 


...Macedonia at least has tried to take action: the government has 
gained international praise for opening a refuge for the women and 
moving to close bars and send some of the women home.

But its situation as a transit country for trafficking, and its growing
home market for prostitutes - bolstered in part by United Nations 
personnel and NATO-led peacekeepers on leave from nearby Kosovo - 
illustrate the regionwide problem. And as Macedonia grapples with a 
spreading insurgency and a growing likelihood of civil war, organized 
crime and smuggling are likely to increase.

'I mean, BA is nothing... in this country, it's a qualification 
but won't give you much promise at all - and people don't understand 
'Peace Studies' so I say 'Political Science', whatever it is I 
just need better grade - 2.1? - for my survival. '

good will - but failing to make most out of real human resources,

'One of my best friends is still unemployed - she's been working in care
houses for her community - for elderly people - unpaid - it's volunteer
- she only can have work as a social worker - she's got an degree - 
peace studies.' 

UG is caste and PG is about 'intercultural communication' published by
'Penthouse' - 

Salute to old Europe - still it's yet to leave humanity,


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