[interact_list] Israel is hijacked by its extremists [that's what I meant partly] and now 'doves' and military in talk

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I got a copy of 'Washington Report: On Middle East Affairs', a 
journal. (It's a very 'thick and dense' pro-palestinian journal,
the point is they focus on internal 'dove'/'peace' fractions of Israel.)

October 2001 issue, still it's published before NY attacks. I
thought it could be a waste of money, but as I picked and read on - it 
was draining. Outcries, and predictions/warnings about what to be 
expected, if Israel and US's biased commitment to Mideast continues - 
this is the only one message, the hundreds of comments and letters in 
this volume is conveying, as a whole. 

'America's blind support of Israel's gross violations of human rights 
and international law will not only cost billions of tax dollars but 
eventually American lives as well.' ('Israel is a very costly ally' by 
Charley Reese)

After the attacks, Sharon or Israel rightwingers misread the situation,
and took Jericho - Palestinian territory and yesterday, it was said now
about to take down Hebron too. As a result of these 'agressions'- 
these days it's been possible to read a 'scent' in Washington  - 
through many articles and postings, that now Washington is  really 
'mad' about hawkish deeds of Israel - 

Why Israel is that aggressive? How it can be? 

I don't know - it would require much more of 'commiting' friends on 
this issue and we need to sort out all sorts of information - 
like one nation's intelligence office would do. We need to sort out 
every aspects of 'diplomacy'(realpolitik).

But there is one outcome, today reported by Guardian. 

Suzanne Goldenberg in Nablus, West Bank
Guardian, Tuesday October 2, 2001

(The chapter of Is-Pa conflict in Contemporary Conflict Resolution, 
offers very concise portrait of 'intra-party division' on both sides of
Israel and Palestine)

A.@learning Hebrew

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