[interact_list] [Health_to_city_infra_makers]Re: Peace Through Health Conference (in Ontario)

  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 12:00:26 +0100


Health...hard to comprise...what was that last night I ate...
good for me?...good for the environment?...good for the food producers/

You all liar! You all fucking protestants!


#If I am a smoker I realize that McMaster University does not permit
#smoking within its buildings.
(quote from the application form)

...seems Canadians are these days better disciplined than Britons. 
O you lost the empire...(singing)

>The transition towards peace in war-affected zones will often improve 
>health care and health status of populations. 

...Mozambique (money doesn't reach people and now they are falling back)

1:Health > disease > but from where disease comes from?

0:Bad water/bad or no public infra : so needs sustainable infra
from the angle of health of local people - (then you can move up to 
education)(and needless to say, the rise of temparature at 2 or 3 
degrees are enough to make waters 'lethal' in those hot areas. So we 
need to fight against Global Warming too.)


###West doesn't have good and reliable civil engineer who can construct 
###good drain/sewage/refuse process systems anymore. 

May Germany start to re-innovate good civil engineers, soon, 
but in most of the other parts of the 'advanced countries' 
we totally lost reliable and respectable civil engineering tradition.
They all turned into 'developers' and 'contractors' 
and they can't make a single building in satisfactory way. 
Not as good as same professionals by 60s. All civil engineers think of 
how to claim budget high and how to eat up the budget - order 
cheaper/bad materials than estimated to be used - and get fat bank 

So when you have to make/design much more bigger thing than 
a single building? 

The first thing will be

'We need experts!'

and people will hard time. There aren't many anymore. 

That's the reason we are suffering from urban decline - 
most of the 'cities' - like Bradford - are really suffering because
no one can really draw the re-innovation picture - 

So even for this kind of run-down cities, in the developed countries
as US, Europeans, JA etc -  UN has project - called Habitat 2 or 

The colonizers in late 19th century had more proper skill, 
they learned civil engneering from 

How to build large cities in the middle of the no where - 
and actually they tried, and some made it. 

Like Taiwan - one of the reason it successed to modernise itself is
the basic infra Imperial Japan built downthere was so 'reliable'. 
(I heard similar thing about some cities in India) 


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