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  • From: Akio Fujita <A.Fujita@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 21:00:25 +0100

Found the guy's name accidenctally, 

Bernard Lietaer, 

already published two? books, and its account is available
from amazon.co.uk (it's not published in States, so be careful)

widely praised one at the uk.amazon is 'The Future of Money'.

He has been attending the world commission? of alternative currency,
held in summer in Switzerland? 

And this continues into Silvio Gessel and Michael Ende's idea about 
global alternative currency with 'fixed' or 'substantial' interest 

It will come around - this issue, how to get away or curve somewhatly - 
this hectic dynamics of global finance and economy system. 

It's a key issue for the sustainable development, foreign aid, fair 
trade and ecology - and finally design and soon, would be, 
accountability of NGOs/Aid agencies too. 

So finally I start to work on this darn subject.
It's been very fruitful summer(my brain has been very busy a day to 
next, and next to another...all alone...typing, writing, reading, 
thinking, like hell.)

thanks, papparagi, whatever my tomorrow might be,


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