[interact_list] Alternative Currency [I think this article is 'real']

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'That is why center-left governments in Europe are toying with the idea,
at least partly to appease their own left wings.'

Logic Alone Won't Win Over Protesters:
by Reginald Dale: IHT Oct 2nd 2001. 

A neat article about issues of Tobin tax, compact but 'stinging'. 

Again, my perspective on this subject: 

Bernard Lietaer, Michael Ende and Silvio Gessel(Gesell?)
their ideas about alternative currency is the only way we can make some
autonomous space for trade/exchange, investment(sustainable 
development: global environmental regulation regime/green industry) and 

The thing is when I can get my hands on this issue... 

A.@If only NY attacks have been a month late,,,

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