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Thanks for your interest in voluteering at the Christian Music Place and
CCMusic. We have some tremendous opportunities to add some great new content
but we need your help to make it happen. 

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot assign you to a role if you don't send us an
estimated number of hours you will be available per month (on average).
Please be sure to include this information in your response.

We are especially interested in finding people to help in the following
volunteer roles:

Assistant Web Masters: help run the Christian Music Place and affiliated
Christain sites. Provide technical support, guide designers, write and/or
maintain scripts, etc.  If you are applying for this role, please provide
URLs for sites you've worked on and explain your contribution to the sites.

Forum Moderator: post topics and information in our forums. Remove
inappropriate messages. Our forums are automated, so you don't need to know
any HTML. If you are interested in being a moderator, first join the forum
(you'll get a userid and password). Then send a message to
timeless@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and indicate your userid and the forums you
would like to moderate.

Writer: write about Christian music topics. Most writers start by posting
articles and information in our forums.

Graphic Artist/Illustrator - designing graphics for CMP pages. Requires 
experience with Illustrator, Photoshop or similar programs.

Editor - edit a specific CMP section (For Churches, News Central, Equip
Yourself, etc.) concert reviews, artist bios, etc.

Web Page Programmer - requires some experience with HTML and/or a web 

Advanced Programmer - requires some experience with Java, CGI, etc.

CMP Promoter - participate in various Christian music e-mail lists, 
newsgroups, etc. and let people know about CMP.

Quality Control - proof new pages to look for bad links, typos, etc. 

Research - visit various artist sites and gather information for our 
artist directory.

Worship Resource Editor - recommend resources - midi files, lyrics, etc. 
-  for worship.

Concert Listing Coordinator: Make sure your concerts by your favorite
artists are included at the Christian Events Directory and Concerts,
Concerts, Concerts. If you can type, you can handle this job - it's very
easy. Just send us a list of your favorite artists and we'll see we can
match you up with one of them.

However, we welcome help in other areas. If you have an idea, please share

Here are the steps to participating at the Christian Music Place:

1) Visit http://christianmusic.org/cmp/ and browse through the site. We
don't expect you to read everything - that would take days. However, at
least visit each of the nine planets in the CMP galaxy to see what is
happening there. Some of the planets (Equip Yourself, Make a Recording,
etc.) are barely developed because we need help in these areas.

2) Is there an area of CMP where you would fit best? Do you have experience,
skills or strong interest in the type of content offered at one of the
planets or areas of CMP? If so, let us know. Or perhaps you would be equally
willing/able to help in any area. If so, let us know you want to help
wherever we need help most.

3) Give us samples of your work. If you have a home page, let us know the
URL. If you have samples of your writing, design, illustration, web page
programming, etc., tell us how we can see them. If you want to write or edit
and don't have samples, start writing in one of our forums.

4) Once you have completed steps 1-3, write us at timeless@xxxxxxxxxxx and
introduce yourself. Be sure to let us know as much as possible about your
interest, skills or experience. PLEASE INDICATE HOW MANY HOURS A WEEK (ON

5) Post comments, questions, reviews, etc. about topics that interest you in
one of our forums. This is an excellent way to get involved, especially if
you are interested in writing. The forums are:

a) Discussion Zone

Discuss your favorite style of Christian music and the artists who perform
it. If you're really enthusiastic about a specific genre, you can become the
moderator for that forum.

b) The Church Forum

This a place where worship leaders and musicians can post questions and look
for information about worship music and other church music.

c) Equip Yourself  & Develop Your Talent Forum

This forum looks at all the elements of live performances - lights, sound,
musicians and more. If you are a band in search of a musician or vocalist,
you can post a notice at this forum.

This is a place to find information and ask questions about getting
bookings, recording contracts, publishing and more.

Visit http://christianmusic.org/cmp/equipforum to post your questions or 
share information.

Thanks again for your interest in the Christian Music Place. We hope you can
help us grow.

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