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         Newsletter for Computer IT Education,
             Training & Tutorial Resources

          *** ISSUE #38 - Jan. 2004 ***


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In This Issue:

1)... Editor's Greeting

2)... The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites

3)... New Free I.T. Books & Book Sites

4)... University Computer Science Course Sites

5)... The Best Suggested Sites from Website Users

6)... New I.T. Training & Tutorial Link Sites

7)... I.T. Sites and Free Downloads Worth Mentioning

8)... Question of the Month about Technical Training

9)... Please Support Our Computer Training Mission


1) Editor's Greeting:

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new subscribers!

This is the January 2004 issue of our free monthly newsletter for 
Computer IT Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources providing 
you with the latest Free online IT Training Resources that we 
have recently discovered and researched. This newsletter is free 
to anyone subscribing (instructions at bottom, no 
username/password is needed). To access our member site, however, 
you do need a user name and password - registering as a member of 
Intelligentedu.com costs $15 for two months, for more information 
please see below 'Become a Member of Intelligentedu.com'.

My desire is that these free resources will help you with your 
computer education and training and are tools to advance your IT 
career. Our main mission is the training of those less fortunate 
who are seeking to become computer literate, both technically and 
from a user's perspective.

In this issue we describe and link to a total of 33 computer, IT 
and programming learning and tutorial web sites. By means of this 
email newsletter, you have knowledge of and access to these sites 
before our web site visitors do. 

*** Current News ***

I apologize for the lateness of the newsletter this month. We 
have changed its frequency to every month, instead of semi-

Please remember that our current newsletter issue is always 
available in HTML format at the following address:

This issue, Jan. 2004:

I wish you the best with your computer studies and learning.

Warm Regards,
Scott Turton
Newsletter Editor and Webmaster



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*** Free Online IT Training Materials for Subscribers***
This section of our site contains over 2,000 free IT, computer 
and programming training resource links:

*** Free Online Computer Training and Tutorial Resources***
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this section of our site is available only to our newsletter 
subscribers and web site members:

*** Free e-Book: "Understanding Computer Security" ***
Our new e-book contains the best information from U.S. government 
agency computer security papers and guides and presents it in a 
coherent and understandable manner. My hope is that this e-book 
will make computer security easier to learn. Click here to 
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2)  The Best New Free I.T. Training & Tutorial Sites:

This section of our newsletter contains the best new free IT 
training and tutorial sites that we have found and researched in 
the last few weeks. These resources will be added to our Free IT 
Training & Courses page at http://www.intelligentedu.com/cat1.html, 
our Free IT Tutorials and Guides page at 
http://www.intelligentedu.com/cat2.html, or to our members' site.

Ray Toal - Classes:

Plenty of free learning and training materials are available at 
this site. Here are the resources:

Internet Technologies Courseware:

Computer Graphics Courseware:

Concurrent and Distributed Programming Courseware:

Data Structures and Algorithms Courseware:

Internet Technologies Courseware:

Object Technologies Courseware:

Systems Programming Courseware:

Programming Languages Courseware:

Introduction to Programming Languages:

Introduction to C:

Introduction to C++:

Introduction to Perl:

Introduction to Java:

Introduction to SQL:


Programming in C++ Rules and Recommendations:

The purpose of this document is to define one style of 
programming in C++. The rules and recommendations presented here 
are not final, but should serve as a basis for continued work 
with C++. This collection of rules should be seen as a dynamic 
document; suggestions for improvements are encouraged.


C Programmer's Notebook:

This notebook discusses issues which C programmers always seem to 
encounter as they learn and grow in their programming experience. 
Many of the topics are specific to a certain system, which makes 
them inappropriate for the C newsgroup FAQ.


C / C++ Reference:

This site provides the following references for C and C++: 
Standard C Library and all C Functions, C++ I/O, C++ Strings, C++ 
Standard Template Library and all C++ Functions.

Also, these general C/C++ references are covered:
    * Pre-processor commands
    * Operator Precedence
    * Escape Sequences
    * ASCII Chart
    * Data Types
    * Keywords


Windows-to-Linux Roadmap:

This is a roadmap for developers making the transition to Linux. 
It is designed to help you take the experience and knowledge that 
you already have in computing and redirect it to working in 
Linux. As you follow this roadmap, you'll discover many new 
resources to help you learn, troubleshoot, and manage Linux.
Step 1. Thinking in Linux:
Step 2. Console crash course:
Step 3. Introduction to Webmin:
Step 4. User administration:
Step 5. Linux logging:

Step 6. Working with file systems:

Step 7. Networking:

Step 8. Backup and recovery:

Step 9. Installing software:


Introduction to Linux: A Hands on Guide:

This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating 
System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and 
getting started guide, with exercises at the end of each chapter. 
For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a 
collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system 
and network administration. It contains many real life examples 
derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and 
network administrator, trainer and consultant. 


Linux Tutorials from tuXfiles.org:

These cover the Command Line, the Linux Shell, File Systems and 
Directories, X Window System, Linux Software, Tips and Cheat 
Sheets, and more. 


General Linux, Part 1 - 229 slides teaching GNU and Linux 
Commands (611kb):

General Linux, Part 1 - 293 slides teaching Hardware and 
Architecture topics (1046kb):

Linux Tutorials by IBM:

Also, Awk, Sed, and Bash tutorials are in this directory:


IP Addressing Basics:

 This page is intended to help students understand the process of 
IP addressing and subnets.  Here are more pages here:

IP Classes and Standard Subnet Masks:

IP Subnets and Borrowing Bits:

IP Host Ranges:

Printable IP Subnetting Chart:


Introduction to Network Security:

Introduction to Network Security (Video on Demand):

This course is an introduction to network security. It includes 
basic detail on authentication, authorization, cryptography, 
firewalls, intrusions detection systems and IPsec virtual 
networks (VPNs). This session is meant to prepare the absolute 
beginner for the issues they will face when integrating security 
technologies into their networks.


Introduction to Routers and LAN Switches:

This session provides the fundamentals of routers and LAN 
switches, focusing on Layer 2 and 3. It discusses the hardware 
elements of routers and switches including the switch fabric, 
application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and memory 
buffers. This session helps beginner and intermediate networking 
professionals better understand how to create ideal network 


Visual Basic .NET Resource Kit:

Free Download of Visual Basic .NET Resource Kit. The Visual Basic 
.NET Resource Kit is an essential aid for new or experienced 
Visual Basic .NET programmers. Programmers who want to get 
started creating applications for Windows, Microsoft Office, the 
Web, and mobile devices will benefit from this comprehensive 
collection of technical information.


Free Windows Training from Only4gurus.com:

Windows Longhorn Training and Learning Materials:

ASP.Net Beginner and Intermediate Training and Learning 

VB.Net Beginner and Intermediate Training and Learning Materials:

C# Beginner and Intermediate Training and Learning Materials:

XML related Training and Learning Materials:


3) New Free Computer IT Books, Publications & Book Sites:

Some of these web resources will be added to our Free IT Books 
page at http://www.intelligentedu.com/free_computer_books.html and 
some will be added to our members site.

Online Books:

Books on this site include these:
  Active Server Pages
  Teach Yourself ActiveX in 21 Days
  Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML in 14 days
  Internet Unleashed
  Intranet Unleashed
  Java Developer's Guide
  Teach Yourself JavaScript 1.1
  Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days
  Using VRML
  Microsoft Visual Interdev
  Teach Yourself SQL in 21 Days
  Teach Yourself Oracle 8 in 21 Days
  Oracle Unleashed
  Teach Yourself Photoshop in 14 Days
  CGI Developer's Guide
  Client/Server Computing
  Unix Unleashed


MCP Library Collection - Volume 1:

This site contains 95 free online books, including these: Perl 5 
Unleashed, Oracle Unleashed, Intranets Unleashed. VB Script 
Unleashed, Teach Yourself Visual Basic 5 in 24 Hours, Teach 
Yourself TCP/IP in 14 Days, Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days, Teach 
Yourself SQL in 21 Days, Teach Yourself Microsoft Visual InterDev 
in 21 Days, JavaScript Manual of Style, and Java Developer's 


Open Education Site:

This site offers these free learning materials: Java Tutorial, 
JavaScript Reference, HTML 4 Reference, XHTML Reference, XML In 
Action, CSS Tutorial, CSS Reference, DTD Tutorial.


The Definitive Guide to Windows 2000 Storage Resource Management:

This is a free eBook about storage resource management (SRM). 
  * how to perform a storage analysis of your current environment
  * when to take advantage of features such as quota management
  * an overview of tools used to perform a detailed storage 
  * the process of analyzing your current storage environment
  * templates for the types of information that you'll want to 

Here are all the Free Definitive Guide eBooks:


JavaScript: The Definitive Guide:

This book includes chapters covering the core of JavaScript, 
Client-side JavaScript, a reference chapter, and appendices.


 SQL Server 2000 Books Online (Updated - Service Pack 3):

Download product documentation for SQL Server 2000 that has been 
updated for Service Pack 3 (SP3). SQL Server 2000 Books Online 
(Updated - SP3) includes the complete documentation that shipped 
with SQL Server 2000 plus revisions, corrections, and additions.


4) University Computer Science Course Sites
   Free to Browse and Study:

These web sites will be added to our Free University IT Course 
Webs page at http://www.intelligentedu.com/cat3.html

Dale Craig - Spring 2004 Courses:

Here are courses, with lecture notes, covering the following 

  XML Online:

  Visual Studio Notes:

  Web Page Design:

  Advanced Java:

  Visual Basic:

  Advanced Visual Basic:


Dr. Lawrence Schmitt - Fall 2003 Schedule:

Click on the Materials links for handout and slide presentations 
for three courses: C++, Systems Analysis, and Operating Systems.


BCO1048 - Introduction to Business Systems Development:

This course provides Powerpoint slides covering the following 
  Computer-based information systems
  Information systems development
  Project management
  Approaches to systems development
  Systems analysis
  Investigating systems requirements
  Data Modeling
  Process Modeling
  Modern Structured Analysis


COH204 and COH264 Homepages:

Very well written tutorial notes on Unix, Shell Scripting, and 
Networking related topics.


5) The Best Suggested Sites from our Website Users - Every month 
we feature the best suggested IT training and tutorial sites from 
our website visitors. Here are this month's sites:


Free MCSE, MCDBA, MCP, MCSA, Cisco, Oracle, CompTIA, CIW, Citrix, 
Novell Certification study guides, practice tests, and exam 


Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts:

Eight complete computer repair and diagnosing flowcharts 
excerpted from the published book, plus a free printable wall 
poster for boot failure diagnostics.

Also on this site:

Starting and Running Your Own Computer Business:

This book is a guide for those who have already decided to start 
a computer business and are looking for some "been there, done 
that" advice, it is intended for the small start-up.



The Object Oriented Programming Web hosts a large collection of 
programming and computer science resources: tutorials, lecture 
notes and online books. All of these resources are FREE, 


6) New Computer & IT Training & Tutorial Link & Resource Sites:

These web sites will be added to our IT Links and Resources page 
at http://www.intelligentedu.com/cat6.html

Merlot Information Technology Home Page:

Merlot is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty 
and students of higher education. Many web resources to online 
learning materials are collected and made freely available here. 


LTSN-ICS Subject Resource Guides:

Systems Analysis and Design Notes and Slides:

Programming Notes for Courses and Modules:

Databases Notes and Slides:

Notes and Resources for Java:


Enabling Technologies:

Web Programming Learning Resources:

Programming Learning Resources:

Networking Learning Resources:

Database Learning Resources:

Multimedia Learning Resources:

Mobile E-Commerce Learning Resources:

Data Interchange Learning Resources:

Transaction Processing Learning Resources:


7) I.T. Sites and Free Downloads Worth Mentioning:

The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines:

The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines provide practical and 
detailed recommendations on how to migrate to Open Source 
Software (OSS)-based office applications, calendaring, e-mail and 
other standard applications. 

Here is the 148 page document:


PcDocRx OnCall:

This Free diagnostic tool is designed to seek out potential 
Windows problems on your PC, with simplicity of use in mind. It 
performs a series of diagnostic checks to locate file errors or 
problems, including all types of software errors, registry 
problems, leftovers from incomplete uninstalls and much more.



A free version of this versatile and very functional text editor 
is now available for Linux.


8) Question of the Month about Technical Training:

Each month Scott Turton will answer a current or important 
question that we have received about computer and IT training and 
career development.

January 2004 Question of the Month: Can you find me a good, free 
Windows Registry Cleaner utility program to download.



Easy Cleaner provides a number of useful PC maintenance functions 
including the removals of invalid entries from your Windows 
registry, the identification and removal of duplicate and other 
unnecessary files. It is very efficient and speedy to use and 
rated as one of the best free registry cleaners available on the 
Internet today.

I hope this helps you.

Scott Turton
Web Master and Editor


9) Please Support Our Training Mission


How You Can Support Our IT Training Mission

Please help support Intelligentedu.com's Computer and IT Education and 
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Information Technology career.


Newsletter Sponsors: 

Please Visit One of Our Sponsors and request more information - 
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IT training resources every month:

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Computer Education, Training, & Tutorial Resources

Free I.T. Training Now!

A free and member-based I.T. educational and training portal web 
site. We have compiled, categorized, described, and linked many, 
many sites that will be of keen interest to computer science 
students and instructors and others seeking free training and 
knowledge about computers. All areas are covered, from 
programming to systems administration to networking to the 
internet. You are able to study and learn all about computers and 
I.T. via Free training, courses, tutorials, books, guides, 
documentation, articles, tips, notes, and help. Also offered are 
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Downloaded and online material is copyrighted whether or not a 
copyright notice is present.


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6. 12 Great Web Resources for Learning the Best Methods
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7. Six Great e-Books (a $120 value) to help you Make Money
    using the Internet
8. Five extra bonus IT resource sites that are the best from
    our "worth mentioning" newsletter section


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