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Thanks for your message.

Firstly its important to point out that Mr. Hartgen was an employee of T&t
and, along with the rest of our team contrinbuted greatly to our overall

Any decision concerning future products will be made by the directors of the
new company, and I?m sure you will be  taken care of by them.

Thanks meanwhile for your good wishes!


tTerry Clasper. 

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Hello Terri and Brian,


I am very sorry to hear about the closing down of your company. I am very
greatful for the great contributions that I received from both of you
regarding assistive technology.


Brian, as a heavy user of J-Tools, I am very concerned about the future of
this product. Do you know at this time if you will continue developing it
for future versions of Jaws? If not, would you be willing to give the source
code to Freedom Xcientific so they can incorporate in future versions of
Jaws the great features of J-Tools.


Finally, I wish the best of luck  to the two of you in your future


Best regards,






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Hi Will


Thanks very much for your message. Of course we really do understand your
concerns particularly relating to the magazine's future. I will be posting a
message to the list regarding that subject within the next 24 hours.


Have a great day!


Brian Hartgen



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so no more magazine? 

what happens to those who paid up till the end of the year?

do wish all best for future though, and goes to show that as we are as blind
people a minority market people are not able to afford the technology 


On 4 Jul 2012, at 21:19, "Terry Clasper" <terry.clasper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Thanks David for your good wishes!

I am unable to comment regarding the new company however wil ensure your
message is passed to one of the Directors who I?m sure will respond as they
see fit!



Terry Clasper.

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    Hi Terry

I am sorry to hear about T and T Consultancy ceasing trading.

May I take this opportunity of thanking you, Brian and all staff for all
their help over the past years.

Do you know if Brian is going to join the new company?

have you decided to put your feet up?

Well, Terry, I wish you, your family and staff all the best for the future.

David McKerral

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It is with deep regret, as Managing Director, I have to announce the ceasing
of trading of T&T Consultancy Ltd.

T&T, a UK owned company funded exclusively by Tracey and Terry Clasper and
Tracey Corfield, have been involved in the assistive technology arena since
March 1999.

As well as providing a broad range of services to people with Assistive
Technology needs within the UK, the company has also been responsible for
developing a range of products, the most well known of which is J-Say,
technology which without doubt makes a huge difference to the lives of many
individuals with a challenging mix of needs.!

This work we could not of achieved without having a dedicated team of UK
based employees, past and current, a terrific US commercial partner in the
shape of Next Generation Technologies, and a group of highly dedicated
unpaid individuals the world over who have been involved in the testing of
our products.

However over the past year it has become more difficult, primarily due to
the challenges placed upon us by the UK economy, to sustain our operation,
and it is for this reason, and this reason alone, that a decision has been
made to call it a day!

On behalf of everyone involved in our company over the past 13 years, I?d
like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has been a
customer of T&T. We thank you for allowing us to be of service to you in
whatever way we have been, and we hope we have, in some small way, made a
difference to the way you use and interact with assistive technology in your

However whilst on the one hand I feel saddened by this announcement , it is
not all bad news!

Two staff members who fully embrace the goals and objectives that T&T
Consultancy held so highly, and who have been working with us for many
years, are, I?m delighted to say, intending to take forward many aspects of
the business.

Under the name of Astec Assistive Technology Solutions limited, Simon and
Catherine Pool have begun trading in their own right within the assistive
technology arena.

Building on their relationships with customers and clients of T&T
Consultancy, the company is now, with immediate effect,  providing training,
software, hardware and support for many individuals and businesses.

Astec will take forward and continue to develop the many products which T&T
Consultancy created, such as J-Say, J-Tools and many others and will strive
to train and support existing and new customers alike.

For more information regarding Astec, please contact them at
<mailto:enquiries@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> enquiries@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I wish Catherine and Simon all the very best in this new venture, and urge
you, should you feel the new company can assist you in any way, to contact

From Terry Clasper, Managing director, T&T Consultancy Ltd.


Terry Clasper.

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