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Following a successful launch at the Sight Village exhibition this year,
J-Tools version 2.0 is released.

In addition to a number of small features and improvements, the primary
focus of the new release focuses upon the fact that you can now use
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred to dictate text into the computer and
have it echoed back.  Tools are also included allowing you to educate
the software in terms of how you pronounce words and phrases.  

The functionality for hearing the dictation is known as J-Tools Dictate
and is contained within the J-Tools product itself. You will need Dragon
NaturallySpeaking installed on the computer hosting J-Tools technology
in order for this component of the software to function.  It may also be
useful to purchase a headset/microphone other than the one which is
shipped with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred.  Please ask your
J-Tools supplier for advice on headset/microphones which are appropriate
to your situation.

J-Tools version 2 can be activated either using the Internet or manually
as described within our considerably expanded documentation/tutorial in
Microsoft Word format.

The page for the J-Tools details is here:

In addition to the J-Tools V2 demo, you can also download or listen to
the recent Webinar delivered by T&T Consultancy and Freedom Scientific
regarding J-Tools 2.0.

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