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  Before I went in, they had said that there were  problems with the new 
machines.  So I decided to use the old machine for fear of my vote not being 
counted.  Also, there was another voter that used the BMD Machine, had problems 
with it, got up and walked out knowing that his vote didn't go in.  Then I 
guess he thought about it and came back bringing the problem up to those in 
charge.  Unfortunately though, legally he cannot vote again because he left the 
premises even though his vote didn't go through.  If he had mentioned it during 
voting, then they would have been able to fix the problem.  Now, he would have 
to go and get a court order in order for his vote to count, but it's too late.  
Oh well, there's a lesson to be learned.

  No matter, the right man won!! 

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  Hi. It was really super great of you and Maria to talk about your voting 
experience. I also used the talking/braille voting machine. Mine had a volume 
problem. I kept repeating a lot of the info because I was so excited and a bit 
distracted. I finally got it done and, wow! it felt great to be able to do that 
all by myself. Especially when it came to the proposal: When I used to go in 
the booth, the proposals were never read. I also got a little chinese thrown in.
  Hurray for Obama.
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    Morning, All.
    I invite you to share your experiences of yesterday's seminal event in our 
history right here on the list.  here's ours:

    My Best to you all on this glorious day.

    Lynnette Tatum, Instructor
    Computer Center for Visually Impaired People
    Voice:  646.312.1429
    E-mail:  lynnette_tatum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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