[infoshare] Re: Oversite? I don't think so!

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Oh my GOD!!! really!!! 

Now I wasn't even there but I am bothered by this email and this uncalled for 
incinuation that you are putting on Maria and Lynne. Now to back up Sharon, I 
agree and if you wanted the dip back all you had to do was ask for it. We all 
have a mouth to talk and voice our discomforts, dislikes,  and speak up on all 
the things that we thought was great and/or good. 

This situation did not have to be put out here to try and embarrass these two 
wonderful women. Now as far as, you wanting to be removed from the list then 
that's your choice but I think you should realize your mistake and take back 
your claims to say that Maria and Lynne were trying to keep it for their own 

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  Good Morning,
  Even though you have directed this just to Lynne and Maria, since you have 
put this on the list you should expect responses from same.  The time to speak 
up about your beans should have been at the meeting not after it.  We are all 
either blind or visually impaired, which means it is easy to miss things that 
are right in front of our noses.  When the chips were handed out, a gentle 
reminder of the dip is an automatic response.  since it wasn't served, you 
should have asked for it back before you left.  However, that being said, 
usually when people make contributions, they don't want it back.  I brought 
soda and there was one bottle that was bearly used and someone took it home and 
I was glad because I brought it so that someone could enjoy it either during 
the meeting or after it.  It is a terrible thing to just assume Lynne and Maria 
deliberately kept your dip so that they could enjoy it themselves, that is so 
far from the truth, in fact, they are very generous people.  Every time they 
spend their hard earned money to bring refreshments to the meeting, they make 
sure someone or all take some home with them.  Also, just having a group such 
as this one on a Saturday in the morning and taking the time to help some of us 
understand the computer world, when they could be resting at home is a great 
gesture in and of itself.  so this accusation is extremely far fetched.


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    This is directed specifically to Lynn and Maria: 

    I'm posting this to the list so that everyone will know what occurred.

    In addition to the chips, I brought to today's meeting a 32oz container of 
refried beans which would in fact have gone great with the chips. 
Unfortunately, they were never offered. Obviously, I didn't bring them so that 
you two could abscond with them back home. Claim it as an oversite if you like 
but that container was much too big to miss. Also, beforehand, I had posted to 
the list that I was bringing the beans along with the chips.

    So, my offering having been so rudely ignored, I am no longer a part of 
this group and you can unsubscribe me from the list as well..

    SammyBoy, NYC
    Rock 'n' roll forever

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