[infoshare] Highlights of InfoShare meeting of Saturday, February 25, 2012

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  • Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 15:42:44 -0500

Thanks to all for making this meeting another InfoPacked experience!


Please feel free to pass on any details I might have omitted. --thank you 

Assistive Tech:

Updates to the major screen readers:  

Window-Eyes - gwmicro.com

JAWS: hj.com (or freedomscientifc.com)

NVDA - (beta) nvda-project.org


2 new Payment plans for Docu-Scan Plus sero-tec.com

 Docu-Scan Plus is an OCR (optical character recognition) application, much 
like Kurzweil 1000.

Upgrade to the Victor Reader Stream firmware (ver. 3.4) and the Humanware 
Companion.  I love the ability to search for a particular song in the Music 

The easiest way to upgrade is by using your SD card and a card reader.


GW Connect (an accessible Skype-like application).  Changed their name from 
GW-Skype to appease Skype company.; 

GWMicro How-to videos on using Window-Eyes.


Upgrade and fixes for Hope also known as Pandora for PC 

 I'll try to remember to send the a-mail.

Tech Products:

Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speaker/speaker phone  available at Amazon.com/access


RII Bluetooth  keyboard available at atguys.com


Miccus BluBridge Mini-Jack - Dongle that turns any device with a headphone jack 
into a Bluetooth device - available at amazon.com/access


Remember:  the secret of using any bluetooth device is in the paring of the two 

USB Charger can charge your devices through a power supply rather than Through 
a valuable USB port on your computer. Also available at amazon.com/access - 
Search for USB Charger 


Also discussed were amazon's crazy shipping rates and how you can pay more for 
shipping than for the actual item.

Remember to check buy.com for items such as USB drives and deals on all 



New glucometer - 4AV22 

, tel. (888) 307-8188 and (866) 469-2632, website service@xxxxxxxxxxxx


The following items are from Sharon Joyner:

For those who are diabetic, nutritionist say that we are lacking in Chromium 
and Vanadium and they could get a supplement called SugaReg which has both 
minerals from Nature's Sunshine, tel. (800) 453-1422.  they can mention they 
heard it from me.


Cinnamon is also good and can be purchased from the Vitamin Shop on 8th Ave and 
23rd Street. 


Lastly, Sharon mentioned the website for sugar-free syrup, catsup, etc 



Partners in Care for home-care, light cleaning and meal preparation. Minimum of 
4 hours.

 Ttel: 212.609.7700

Audio tutorials: 

Cathyanne Murtha offers a   free audio tutorial on using Windows 7. 

Available at Blindtraining.com



Moving from Windows XP to windows 7:

Accessibleworld.com - Gene Asner


Demonstration of Quicken Financial application using Window-Eyes:



Battle of the Notetakers on ACB Radio Main Menu  

I Googled it and the following page containing the audio was offered: 


iOS Apps (iPhone, iPod and iPad)

LookTel Recognizer to recognize objects

Regrettably, requires sighted assistance to set up photo gallery.


Braille texting app

Update: there will be a demonstration of this app on Monday, March 5 on 

Accessible World app - needs a search feature

DropVox that sinks recordings to your Drop Box folder - Handy for quick notes

Updates to Ariadne; GPS but I haven't explored them yet.



Woot - a deal a day! Catch it or it's gone! - woot.com

LG Vacuum Cleaner, needed assistance to put it together but it's a great little 

Oreo Cakesters from amazon.com/access

Delicious and almost gone!

Extremely comfortable Slacks for women from Denim and Company -available at QVC

AT Guys  - tactile screen protectors for iOS devices




Apple Love Song - I'll send it!

Masterpiece by the King Singers -- You can you tube this.

Remember: povidi.com/yourtube for a more accessible You Tube experience.

www.youtube-mp3.org to convert youtube videos to mp3's for more portability and 



Upcoming demonstration at The Computer Center for Visually Impaired People 
(CCVIP) on Computers 101

Gus, I'm certain you'll send details for this one. 

Save the date for our Don't Tell mama show on April 20, 2012 7:00pm

We also discussed the possibility of changing Saturdays for the infoShare 
meetings and it looks as if that might be possible come September.

That's all I have for now but feel free to chime in.

Your Faithful Leader, Lynne

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