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Thru IndAeMed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
   Good work indeed!
The USAF says "Team Aerospace" in "Supporting the
In our setting, besides the ones already listed,
consider the following,
1. Aeromedical prophylaxis (prevention and control) by
studied, timely and  optimum intervention.
2. First aeromedical assesers of aircrew post
3. First responders in aircraft/ mass casualty
4. Quality periodic medical examination (the one shop
stop for human first line servicing!).
5. Marking the unremarkable- the aeromedical disposal.
PS I have a few comments for the person who said, "In
my 30 years in the medical branch..." but I would
write those to you separately, you could call me over
to Lohegaon, I am at AFMC right now for MOJCC.  

 --- dilish  malik <dilishmalik@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear List, 
>        Now that we are on track of discussing
> academia, I will like to inch further. As some of
> you might be aware it is the era of MISSIONS
> STATEMENTS in the IAF. Every section, office and
> department of the base has to have a mission
> statement, which has to be displayed prominently.
> Mission statement is nothing else but a refined and
> glamorous synonym of your charter of duties. So in
> my SMC about 15 mission statements were made
> including that for reception! So I thought why not a
> mission statement for Aviation Medicine. My SMO then
> objected saying that Aviation Medicine is neither a
> sub-section nor an office of SMC! I then gruffly
> submitted, ? Sir but we are two Aviation Medicine
> Specialists under you and we have to have a mission
> statement for practicing the specialty?. He snorted
> and said (Quote) ?In my 30 years in the medical
> branch I have seen Aviation Medicine being practiced
> only once a year centrally that is during the
> conference, where after downing pegs & pegs of
> (sponsored) Peter Scot and few legs of chicken
> (courtesy IAM) you all have been reading same papers
> over and over again for last 30 years!!! 
>               Needless to say there were heated
> arguments and taking umbrage of the snide remarks,
> we took upon the task of making a mission statement
> for our specialty. Sirs, believe you me it was a
> Herculean task!! and took Upadhyay and me few days
> to spell out about what we Aviation Medicine
> Specialists are supposed to do at any flying base.
> Finally a draft is ready. It is on A3 size paper so
> that it can be printed mounted and displayed. I will
> like all of you to study the statement critically
> and give your valuable remarks/amends/suggestions.
> It is my personal ambition to see the statement
> after all the amendments suggested by you all,
> proudly displayed in our chambers for every body to
> read and know (and for ourselves also to remind us
> of our duties). 
>       OOPS sorry if I hit below the belt
> again,Cheers, Dilish

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/msword 

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