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  • Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 07:14:06 -0800 (PST)

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--- Dr Rajeev Kapur <rajeevkapur77@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear PKT,
You forgot to mention the pioneer Air Cmde Jackie
Do you really think that there would be no episodes of
G-LOC merely because u have a close loop system? 

Sir,I had only mentioned the names of those who
e-mailed, wrote or talked to me. I inadvertently
missed out Pooshan Sir though (my apologies). My
commandant & Gomez Sir have witnessed during the last
high G course, how our pilots were hacking 9 peaks
(greater than 5 minutes) of 4G 15s ? 8G 10s SACM with
relative ease which naturally was not the case in
open-loop HC. I have no doubt JK Gupta Sir would be as
excited as many of us are to see these runs happening.

As far as occurrence of GLOC is concerned, USAF
imparts training in a closed loop centrifuge and the
incidence of GLOC there is about 23% while ours has
been 34% with open loop. The higher incidence in our
HC is understandable not only because of open loop but
also because of much lower onset and offset rates of
1G/s (as against 6G/s & 3G/s of USAF) which means our
guys stay longer in the G-environment in a 13 degree

And sir, the talk of ?GLOC? becoming a thing of the
past was more of a tongue in cheek remark. I have no
doubt, we would have episodes of GLOC (on a bad day
GLOC has been reported even at 2.8 G) but the
incidence should drop down drastically. It is based on
my belief that our fighter pilots should perform much
better with closed loop runs than those of the
developed nations as our guys are used to flying
difficult high performance fighters with relatively
primitive ac systems, in tougher weather and living
conditions. Hopefully, given a chance, I would be able
to back my belief with results in the Nov 2004 ISAM

Interestingly our primary course medical officers are
not far behind either.  Just last week, three of the
officers in the present course (including a lady
officer) have successfully completed 7G 15s, 8G 10s &
9G 5s runs (in open loop) without suffering a GLOC. So
we have a Flt Lt Pragya who is probably the first lady
to hack 9G 5s in IAM centrifuge and not surprisingly,
she is keen to do MD in aviation medicine.


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