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Dear Dr PKT,

Thanks for the info. There was one computerised data base that I had created eons ago! It must be listed as one of the departmental projects-it was written in dBaseIII+.  I left IAM in 1993 and had included all projects done (AFMRC and AR&DB) till then, so it must be prior to that. There must be a floppy also somewhere in the research wing. Please let me know if you can locate it. When Mrs Chidambaram was there (a legend in her time) she used to dig out any references/information in a jiffy. There was an old lady Mrs Cuddapah, who had very high myopia and could barely see but she remebered the shelf in which any book was located and would lead anyone asking for a book or journal to the precise shelf and suggest " Please locate it here and surely the book used to be within two or three books that she used to place her finger on". Of course this may seem amusing to you with the computerisation now available in the library. Incidentally, I had put a proposal to compu terise the IAM library and set up a network to connect the departments in 1992-93 but it was turned down with remarks"Too futuristic" and I was pulled up for coming up with fancy ideas(!!) by the comdt, who was computer illerate, and went on to become DG!!

Dr R Kapur




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