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  • Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 09:48:44 -0700 (PDT)

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> Such things  were not there in  the 70s. I did  my
> Introductory
> and Primary  Courses in 78-79. We  were totally
> unaware  of any
> term called G-LOC.  I can at least confirm, that  I
> never heard
> of this term then, or maybe,  our instructor in
> those days (Sqn
> Ldr  Kuldip Rai)  did not  disclose  the "latest"  !

Faintness in the air was very much there in WWI, Air
races between WWI & II and continued with the
emergence of high performance fighters in the 30s. The
ASFs (F-15, F-16 & Mirage 2000) took to the skies in
late 70s and there was a spurt in the incidence of
GLOC. It's only after anonymous survey by Pluta in
early 80s that people realised that GLOC was a
terrible hazard which needed to be combated and High G
training courses were conceived. It's not surprising
that nobody talked of 'faintness in the air' / GLOC to
you during your primary course. It probably was not so
well known at that time. I did my MD in the 1990s and 
similarly no body talked of ALOC to me. Now I have
seen quite a few cases of ALOC in the centrifuge
myself. But although, it's still a relatively unknown
entity, I do teach it to my students.


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