IndAeMed_F: List Security (Was:Twin Jags)

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 23:02:07 +0200 (CAT)

Thru IndAeMed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
   USM Bish wrote:
> Thru IndAeMed@xxxxxxxxxxxx :

> Since we represent a professional body,  our views may be taken
> notice of. This list is open to the whole world ! It is best to
> get  into  the secure  bulletin  board  created last  month  on
>, and  open a  new topic on  "Twin Jags"  there ...

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Subject: Re: ? Turn Off Archiving - IndAeMed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
From:    "John Madden" <weez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:    Sat, April 3, 2004 1:25
To:      anirudh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc:      staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

John Madden wrote:
>> I need to know if it is possible to turn off archiving of a particular
>> e-mail list like IndAeMed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> No, archiving can't be turned off.  Archiving is the cost of using
> FreeLists.
> John
Dear List,

As you can see from the reply above - the freelists archive cannot be
turned OFF.

I would recommend that for the time being we route all the mail through
Coollist i.e. to indaemed@xxxxxxxxxxxx

They don't have an archive and the archive can be restricted if required.

Of course, the mail is still in plain text and can be intercepted  but for
now I feel we need to be more concerned about the guys who can browse the
web to the archive than those who hack into systems to intercept mail. The
hacker type would probably be able to break into/hack a site too! Unless,
we have a real good security system built in.

Both the lists have been synchronised except 2-3 people whom I am
contacting off the list.

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