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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 17:28:51 +0100

As-salamu ala manittaba al-huda
Peace be upon those who receive guidance.      

Please advise, if you no longer wish to be on my distribution list


I recently sent an article that I was emailed in regards to KFC using chicken 
which is raised in inhumane ways..... I have been advised by 2 people that this 
is a hoax. I have been caught up in maybe a commerical conspiracy!!! I have 
also been advised that KFC is not halal....

:-) As a note I cannot authenticate the advise given but...


I would therefore like to apologise to everyone to whom I sent this email.


But lessons learnt from this are:

Validate or authenticate- information that you recieve and fwd in all aspects 
of information and knowledge. (I did not and will ensure that I do)

    If you don't then you can fall into a trap and start conveying lies and 
conspiracies and therefore become accountable         

    for inaccuracies/ lies.


Think rationaly about what the purpose of the information is, and remain in 


Be accurate






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