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Assalamu alaykum wr wb. :-)
InshaAllah all of you are well. There were enough points that caused
me to trigger this email. I am also going to phase out from
sending these emails (as I have been) as its better for me to accomplish things in my own way. If people really do want Suhbah (Good company for Himmah), they should go and visit people for it (there is really no alternative, become orthodox).
I came across a hadith in which the prophet (saw) has said:
"Keep in secret that which you wish to accomplish"

Its Shabaan, and there is less than 1 month now before Ramadhan
begins. :-)
This was the month in which the prophet Muhammad (saw) would fast like
no other month, and is probably a good opportunity for us to start
preparing with fasts and acts to ensure we capitalise this ramadhan
and its acceptance from Allah.

George Galloway's Interview on Sky.,,31200-galloway_060806,00.html";>
May Allah inspire him with faith like his passion and commitment to justice and defending the oppressed.

Muhammad Ali with Bush

Islam Channel
I would also recommend that people watch selected documentaries on the Islam Channel. Channel 813 in the UK on sky. They have recently broadcasted two amazing Interviews with Dr Mahathir Muhammad(Ex Malaysia Prime Minister) and a MP from Hizbollah. They had key information for the Ummah's strategy to get out of the circumstance it is in. You can watch it at the link below

I've also Bought a House
Al-hamdulilah. Allah (swt) had willed for me a beautiful 3 bedroom semi-secluded forest backing house in Greater NW London, South of Watford. I've moved in earlier this month. I'm slowly and perfectly customising it. Do come over to give me a hand or when its done to enjoy it. Its in WD19

Supplicate for my focus, zeal, success (Alignment to Allah, Dunya and Ahkira) and health.

Imran Khan

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