[imiaoswg] Portal software

  • From: Peter Murray <imia.ukrep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: imiaoswg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 15:41:29 +0000

Thanks to everyone for their input and thoughts on content management 
software for web portals etc. I can see what I am going to be doing over 
the holidays ;-))
One question addressed to the more technically minded, if anyone can answer:
- is it possible to run two different portals from one installation of, for 
example, PHPNuke (or other CMS system)? - if so, does it just need two 
different MySQL databases? -  or do you need to do a full installation of 
PhPNuke etc every time?
- to try and concretise the question in case the above is not clear - if I 
want to run two websites, one for the hypothetical website 
www.osorg01.org  and one for www.osorg02.org, what do I need to do in 
PHPNuke or similar? Do I need a full instalation for each, or just two 
separate databses, or otgher setup?
I have tried playing around with it a little bit and cannot seem to find an 
answer, and wondered if anyone knew and could save me hours of 'valuable 
learning experience'?

Regards, Peter Murray

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