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  • From: Surendra Singhi <ssinghi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 13:57:26 +0530

  Please send it to ilug-cal-website <ilug-cal-website@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>. So,
that everyone can receive it.

"A. Mani" <a_mani_sc_gs@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> CMT Administration Rules : <Draft>

CMT is same as the current admins, please don't use confusing terminology (see
Soumyadip, and my earlier post).

IMHO, it is not worthwhile to waste time on all these, right now; the level of
participation is low, only the admins are supplying any content, when we start
seeing some user activity, these can be discussed if the need arises.

I think instead of writing rules and regulations and specs, the time can be
more efficiently utilized, in implementing and cleaning up thing. The "about
us" section still reflects poorly about ilug-cal. The minutes/log of irc meeting
have not been posted.

Linux in Education, Localization, Projects all are empty, whats the use of
publishing links, which don't have any content. Saying, content will be added
in future, is wishful thinking, please at least add some content and then
publish them.  Multiple FAQ's which I will just remove.
Add more information to FAQ's.


Surendra Singhi
http://ssinghi.kreeti.com, http://www.kreeti.com

> 1. Each section will have an administrator in charge of the section. The 
> coding and maintenance sections and the FAQ, Spelling and Grammar sections 
> will be exempted from this restriction. The function of others in the section 
> team will be of a supportive nature. The intent will be to stick to "Do one 
> thing at a time and do it well".
> 2. An administrator of a section will not publish anything in a section not 
> assigned to the administrator in question, but is allowed to add material 
> (not publish) deemed appropriate to other sections. Again deletions within a 
> section will be under the control of the section administrator. 
> 3.  All administrators will be required to abide by the license restrictions 
> applicable to the content. 
> 4. Each section must maintain archives. Once a content item is added, then it 
> may be published or may not be, but on no account will it be deleted. Note 
> that this is about content.
> 5. It will be the compulsory for each section team to consult within 
> themselves, within the CMT and within the LUG on the modifications planned 
> and undertaken.
> 6. In general material in a section must be published with the tag "Presented 
> by <name of admin> ". 
> --------------------------------------------
> Hello,
>          1. Uploading any kind of file (incl submission of content)
> 2. Written by
> 3. Author field is not free (remove rules)
> 4. Downloads ? (Suppose I keep a file X in a folder Y with suitable 
> permissions and do a <a href=...... then Is it SAFE ? )
> 5. why don't you people make a visible folder for allowing downloads ?
> A. Mani
> Member, Cal. Math. Soc
> PS.  I had sent the psswd. (routine change)
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