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Updated on the basis of clarifications sought and suggestions

1. Articles can be written by a member or a non-member of Ilug-Cal

2. The content of submitted articles must relate to OSS or OSS -related 
activities in general.

3. The content of articles must be compatible with the objectives and goals 
of Ilug-Cal (as indicated in ...) 

4. Articles must be spell-checked and be grammatically correct.

5. The content of articles must not be trivial and must not be plagiarized. 
The plagiarism criteria can be found in the 'Guidelines for Authors'  
document. By trivial it is meant that the content in its form is 

6. The readership level of articles can be anywhere from newbie to 

7. Licenses associated with articles must be respected in case of third party 

8. Articles must be readable, coherent and use an appropriate language 
style with respect to the intended audience.

9.  Articles must be accepted for publication by two of the editors in the 
large editorial board (indicated in the Web-Site Specifications and in the 
'Guide-lines for Authors' document). The purpose of the editorial process is 
to maintain minimum standards of publication and eliminating post-publication 
trials and tribulations. 

10. For authors who are also editors, one positive review by another editor 
will suffice if they approve their own work.



A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc



A. Mani
Member, Cal. Math. Soc
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