[ilug-cal-website] Re: Speed difference

  • From: "Anirban Biswas" <anirban.biswas@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ilug-cal-website@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 03:10:35 +0530

Hi all

    Tonite I reinstalled Apache, PHP and pnp5-mysql on JPMs machine
using apt-get. Things worked fine. The whole site is working with a
reasonable speed. I think the installation from source was not
properly done by JPM hence we are having probelm.

      I also installed the MamboWiki Component which is basically a
Media Wiki Integrated in joomla. I shall do the menu and Content
Desigen tommrow.  Ohh you guys can use the following information

         Joomla Admin name: admin
         passowrd:    i2l0u0g6

         Joomla Normal User: anirban
         password: redblack

Another thing please from now do not run the old apache in /usr/local/apache I added one new database named joomla in the mysql (as root mysql user) which stores the data for joomla.

        I also uploaded a new template. Please tell me if you like
all the things.


On 8/4/06, A. Mani <a_mani_sc_gs@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Friday 04 August 2006 13:01, Surendra Singhi wrote:
> "A. Mani" <a_mani_sc_gs@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> > On Wednesday 02 August 2006 23:44, Surendra Singhi wrote:
> >> Hi,
> >>   There seems to be a big difference in the loading times of
> >>
> >> and
> >>
> >>
> >> Has anyone noticed that? Any guesses why would that be?
> >>
> >> Also, if it continues to be so low, I and Anirban think that a
> >> commercial
> >>
> >> host would be better.
> >>
> >> Any views on that?
> >
> > JPM has other servers. It can be shifted.
> >
> > There are lots of Joomla extensions... have you decided on any of those.
> I didn't follow Joomla extensions for what?

for adding content in particular.

colour selectors

nice html editor ... there are many other things there.

GUI administration is not working.

How do I upload the web specs for discussion by the list ?

There are problems with changing  preferences in konqueror in the wiki page.

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