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"Indranil Das Gupta" <indradg@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

< [.. snipped ..]
> 6. Trying any number of permutations/combinations with zoneedit,
> granitecanyon or VSNL DNS server will not help, as because PK's domain
> registrar's DNS server is *authoritative* for ilug-cal.info
> Until that changes no amount of cosmetic attempt will address problem.
> Yes, it can however be made much worse ;-)
Right now, I have opened an account at zoneedit, and made DNS entries for
ilug-cal.info, and also requested PK to change the nameserver entries at his

> 7. To address the problem that following steps needs to be taken:
> a) If DPS will provide web-hosting for www.ilug-cal.info, the admin
> team needs to find out who hosts DPS's DNS
> b) If DPS manages its own DNS servers or has access to the same (for
> adding more entries), find out if DPS is willing to become
> www.ilug-cal.info's DNS service provider.
> NOTE: Get that in writing, plus an assurance to maintain the DNS
> hosting at least for a period of 12 months, with the option to make
> necessary changes to it as and when needed. Ensure access, either
> direct or mediated.

Mr. Mathew, will it be possible for DPS to do this?

> c) If "b" above is not an option, then you need to buy DNS hosting
> from any of these company or find any other suitable candidate that
> may offer the same with attention to NOTE above.
> REMARKS: If you are buying DNS hosting (not web hosting) buy it from
> an Indian company that hosts its DNS servers on
> VSNL/BSNL/Reliance/Sify National Backbones in India.

Or is anyone willing to sponsor the above?

Else, I think going with zoneedit is the only option currently.

> d) If "b" above is OK, then ask PK to modify the NS pointers to point
> to DPS's DNS servers from the present ones. AFAIK, only *he* can do
> this as *he* is the only one with access to ilug-cal.info domain's
> registration record.

> e) And while at it make **absolutely** sure that reverse DNS to
> ilug-cal.info __also__ points back to the DPS DNS servers.
> REMARKS: If you want to host any MTA for ilug-cal.info, then ignore
> this at your own peril.

 Is Mail Transfer Agent needed for ilug-cal.info? The site only needs to send
registration and notification emails, I think that can be done using DPS's
smtp servers.  

> g) At the DPS DNS Servers, set up the reverse DNS for ilug-cal.info
For reverse DNS as far as I can understand, the ISP has to be informed, so
will the DPS has to communicate with the ISP?

Surendra Singhi
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