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  • Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 00:51:18 -0700 (PDT)

Since this activity / email directly pertains to
technical and 
configuration discussion for the website
"www.ilug-cal.info" I am 
posting my views, contributions to the "website list"
with a cc: to the 
"discuss list" as it is indirectly relevant to the
"ILUG-CAL" also.

Excuse me for the cross posting.

In case I sound like a lecturer or anyone disagrees
with whatever is 
stated, please be critical but avoid flames

I desire to first put in a few basics in words w.r.t.
to DNS concept so 
that we can actually arrive at the correct DNS
configurations. Reasons 
thereof :-

1. Incorrect DNS configurations can make all our
efforts a blank, 
inspite of having a global IP and high bandwidth.

2. It is ultimately the DNS as a system that brings
some order and sense 
with authority (yes the right word "authority" even in
terms of free 
INTERNET) for the entire network to exist and work the
way it is 
designed to work.

The keyword that we need to know along with the DNS as
a concept is 

So now the question arises can I set up a server,
configure it to run 
DNS services with a vaild global ip and declare that
server as the DNS 
server for my domain "xyz.com" and expect it to
respond to DNS queries 
for IP address resolution.

The answer is YES. That means whatever has been done
by JPM will 

Now, I am contradicting myself is it not ? and why so

Well here comes the concept, I (or for that matter any
browser / ping etc...) never ask the DNS service
hosted on to resolve the www.ilug-cal.info. in
the first place. So 
even if the services are configured this server is
never queried by 
others machine or applications who do not know where
it exists. So the 
question is how does any one get to know which and
where a DNS service 
exists for a given domain name to query for its IP

Simple ---- first ask the root servers who control the
"." domain. These 
servers now delegate (point) a complete domain e.g.
"com." to another 
server / authorized registrar who run the DNS services
on their servers 
to host the "com." domain. In their records they
further provide the 
information as to who is the owner and authority for a
given sub-domain 
under "com." domain and which DNS server has a right /
authority to 
reslove the IP address for the given sub-domain.

This is the concept in brief.

Please punch holes in the above so as to enable me to
make it more 
lucid. Otherwise a few acknowledge emails will
indicate / allow me to 
continue further on the subject.

with Regards,

J.P. Mathew wrote:
> help required from Indranil Dasgupta and other DNS
> I have set up a dns server on and
added an entry for
> ilug-cal.info.
> Could you check and tell me if this entry is
correct, and then we
> could change the dns entry for ilug-cal info.
> Thanks
> I will appreciate Indranil's experiances on DNS
(setup as well horror
> stories), so that we could have it as a
documentation on ilug-cal
> site.
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> Ilug-cal-discuss mailing list
> Ilug-cal-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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