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  • From: Nirmalya Lahiri <nirmalyalahiri@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 04:13:50 -0700 (PDT)

  I have one question... Can we put a submenu like "State Govt. project using 
OSS" under Project menu?
  I am waiting for the comments from other's also....

Surendra Singhi <ssinghi@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: "A. Mani"  writes:

> On Tuesday 29 Aug 2006 19:43, Surendra Singhi wrote:
>> "A. Mani"  writes:
>> > AB/NL,  is it easy to modify that 'written by' to 'presented by' or
>> > 'seconded by' or 'managed by' in the article pages.
>> I will suggest please remove that article and link to it. There is no
>> reason for you to copy that article, and linking is standard netiquette.
> Not sensible... 

What not sensible, I feel the other way round, i.e., what you are doing is not

>we want our site to be rich in resources. 

Ain't Google, Digg, Delicious, etc. rich in resources? 
>The optimal strategy 
> that I am following is to keep a small set of 'basic' articles and then the 
> rest can be of an assorted type. We need a good collection of articles on the 
> site and it is admissible to put that article anywhere (provided it is not 
> modified). 

So write such articles (as Anirban also suggested), don't copy content from
random places on net, and paste it. Did you talk to author's, what right do
you have to just publish it on the web? What if I take your PhD thesis and
paste its content on my web site, how will you feel? 

Link to his site and people can then read it over there, that is the sensible
thing to do.

> I think we must replace 'witten by' with 'presented by' or just a blank so 
> that we do not have jarring info. There are many sites where they keep it 
> that way, though. Shall I do it ?
Just because some other people, do anti-social things, it doesn't mean that
everyone should.

I have strong opinions on this sort of things, so sorry if I have been rude. 


Surendra Singhi
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Nirmalya Lahiri
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