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  • Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 13:23:34 -0500

I have not actually been a member I don't think, but memory is spotty.  I am 
however on your list because I expressed an interest at the very least.  And I 
love the name.
I do have a tool that I am not using at the moment and am willing to send.  It 
is a small (7"x11") papermaking mold that I made, with a screen that I 
hand-crocheted out of jeweler's wire.  It is very dear to me and irreplaceable 
and I DO use it.  I am willing to mail it to you insured for $700 (just pulling 
a number out of the sky), but would you be able to return it with the same 
amount of insurance on it?I've included a scan of it, still a bit messy from 
use.  I made it because I wanted the mark of the hand pressed into the making 
of the paper.  Tools and labor are intimate, and I am responding because of the 
measure of importance you seem to want to invest in that relationship.Let me 
know if you are interested.
Thank you,Ann Silverman

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Subject: [ilssa] please, a TOOL!
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 12:54:49 -0500
To: ilssa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

to all ILSSA members of all time,
We are writing in one last final attempt to garner more tools from y'all! 
We're here at Saint Mary's College unpacking boxes. We're *very* excited about 
what we've seen, but are disappointed to find that despite having over 150 
members, we have only received 15 tools.
Please know that we really want to include ALL of you in the show -- don't 
worry if you haven't renewed, or your dues have lapsed, or whatever. (We're in 
the midst of restructuring toward dues-free membership, anyway: more on that 
very soon.) To sum up: if you once joined ILSSA, you're part of ILSSA.
Can you send a tool today, or tomorrow? We'll need to receive it no later than 
this Friday January 13th to get it in the show.We will return the tool back to 
you (at no cost to you) after the exhibition closes.Please be sure to include 
your return address, and if you have a moment, a brief statement about how you 
use the tool.And in answer to Anne's question below: the tool doesn't need to 
be something you've used in the past year as long as it is something indicative 
of your impractical labor.
Please send to:
Krista Hoefle, Gallery DirectorMoreau Art GalleriesSaint Mary's CollegeNotre 
Dame, IN 46556ATTN: ILSSA Exhibition
Also: forgot to send your remnants? SEND THEM TODAY!!! If we get them before 
Friday, we'll do our very best to get them in there.It doesn't matter if you 
have 3 envelopes or 300. Please send!!
One last thing: please send us an email once you've sent your package so we can 
be sure to look out for it.
best & warmest,your ILSSA co-operators


On Jan 5, 2012, at 2:35 PM, Anne Percoco wrote:Does it have to be a tool we 
used in the last year?

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Subject: [ilssa] LAST CHANCE: ILSSA exhibition
To: ilssa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wednesday, January 4, 2012, 5:47 PM

Happy New Year, fellow impractical laborers!
This is the last call to send your 2011 collected remnants and/or a tool (see 
below) for the exhibition at Saint Mary's College in Indiana. Please send your 
packages to:
Krista Hoefle, Gallery DirectorMoreau Art
 GalleriesSaint Mary's CollegeNotre Dame, IN 46556ATTN: ILSSA Exhibition
We'll be installing the show beginning on Monday. We can't wait to see what 
you've done!
best to you,your co-operators


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Date: December 9, 2011 6:14:41 PM EST
To: ilssa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [ilssa] ILSSA Exhibition! January 27-February 24, 2012
Reply-To: ilssa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dearest ILSSA Members,
Our first ILSSA
 exhibition quickly approaches! The show is scheduled to open at the Hammes 
Gallery at Saint Mary's College on January 27, 2012 and will run through the 
24th of February. In order to make this show an absolute success, we need your 
Many of you have been saving remnants. Thank you, thank you! Please keep up the 
saving and be ready to send your collections ASAP at the beginning of 2012. The 
gallery is expecting delivery from all of us between January 3rd and 6th.
We would also like to include one additional item from each Impractical 
Laborer, even those of you who are not contributing remnants:
1) A tool with which you impractically labor, with a short statement about the 
manner in which you use the tool.
Please mail said tool to the gallery, to
 arrive between January 3rd and 6th at the following address:
Krista Hoefle, Gallery DirectorMoreau Art GalleriesSaint Mary's CollegeNotre 
Dame, IN 46556ATTN: ILSSA Exhibition
You are welcome to e-mail your statement to your Co-Operators, and/or send a 
hard copy along with your tool.
Your tool will be mailed back to you upon closing of the exhibition at the end 
of February. Please indicate your preferred return address with your submission.
As always, please feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns. We 
hope you'll all be able to participate in this inaugural exhibition, the first 
of it's
 kind for ILSSA!
In cahoots,Your Co-Operators
AS MANY HOURS AS IT TAKESILSSA Operatorwww.impractical-labor.org


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